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Could This Luxury Streetwear Collaboration Be Summer’s Best Sunglasses?

(Left) Fear of God Designer Jerry Lorenzo Image used with permission by copyright holder

Since its inception in 2007, eyewear firm Barton Perreira has been producing tastefully trendy shades that have been worn by men — you may have heard of some of them — like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo, to name a few.

Lorenzo is taking his admiration for the label to the next level by collaborating with them on a new eyewear collection, FGBP.2020. Both Los Angeles-based style brands have plenty in common. After all, “tasteful” and trendy” are two words to describe Lorenzo’s luxury streetwear brand, whose design inspirations could be best described as a mixtape of premium fabrics, 90s nostalgia, and bible verses, and have been worn by guys like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and DJ Khaled.

When the 42-year-old designer happened upon his first pair of Barton Perreira shades at a Los Angeles boutique in 2013, he immediately fell in love with the brand.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

“Similar to digging at vintage flea markets, you have an idea of what you’re looking for but, until you find it, the idea of what you’re looking for is just that: an idea,” Lorenzo told Robb Report. “When I found my first pair, I was like, ‘Finally, the solution I needed!'”

Naturally, the result of their collaboration is a stunningly rendered collection of acetate shades in five of Lorenzo’s signature earth-toned colors. Of course, FHBP.2020 is a mix of vintage of contemporary influences (think: rectangular silhouette) finished with light gradient lenses for a truly timeless pair of shades that will look great with just about anything. And unlike other flashier legacy brands which heavily feature logos, FHBP.2020 is all about understatement.

“[Barton Perreira’s] glasses are designed in a way that allows a beautiful frame to take a back seat to the subject who’s wearing them,” Lorenzo wrote in a press release. “I love this approach to design, where the focus is on the subject and not the physical proposition. I wanted to bring a sense of modernity to the classic frame that I’ve been wearing for the past seven years.”

The collection, which retails for $510 each, is available now on and for pre-order, and will ship on June 19.

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