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2 Fashion Titans Launch Spring’s Must-Have Sunglasses

A.P.C. x Persol
A.P.C. x Persol

Think of the coolest pair of jeans in your wardrobe — and now, think of the coolest pair of sunglasses on your wish list. What if those two menswear staples actually came together in one of the sharpest sunglasses collaborations yet? As uncanny as it might sound, that’s the thinking behind the A.P.C. x Persol collaboration, which might have just produced your new favorite sunglasses for spring (and beyond).

The new partnership plays off the timeless sense of cool both brands have long been known for across the globe. A.P.C. signature denim and minimal basics are worn by cool creatives, and Persol has a knack for making some of the most legendary sunglasses on the planet — shades worn by icons of the stage and screen, to boot (Steve McQueen’s shades of choice time and again? Persol).

A.P.C. x Persol
A.P.C. x Persol

“We are two brands granting as much importance to beauty and craft as to simple functionality,” Niels van Geet, Persol Brand Director, writes in a press release.

So, how do denim and sunglasses go together? It’s simple, really. To us, the right pair of jeans calls for the right pair of shades. What better way to pair inky blue, expertly tapered denim than the A.P.C. x Persol Sunglasses?

Bold yet refined, classic yet modern, the collaboration updates the classic 649 silhouette with an acetate finish that suits every man’s wardrobe (at least, that’s what we think).

After all, Persol was the brand of choice for the style cognoscenti– and A.P.C. seems to have carved out that same niche for denim lovers. Just look at how cool A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou looks in these frames.

A.P.C. x Persol
A.P.C. x Persol

If you’ve been searching for that go-anywhere pair of sunglasses for your next spring wedding, happy hour, or getaway — invest in these long-lasting sunglasses from two industry titans.

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