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The 6 Best Aviator Sunglasses To Cop for a Timeless Pair of Shades

A pair of the classic aviator sunglasses with a gold metal frame.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It shouldn’t be a shocker that the aviator style of sunglasses began as a lighter, rather elegant alternative to the cumbersome goggles worn by U.S. Air Force pilots. Developed in 1937 by Bausch and Lomb, aviator sunglasses’ iconic teardrop shape was devised to shield the entire scope of the human eye, limiting sunlight from messing with the pilot’s vision and protecting them from glare that causes headaches and altitude sickness. That practical feature led to the casual style name “ray bans.” In 1950s America, with post-war jingoism at an all-time high (and the wide circulation of an admittedly badass photo of Gen. Douglas MacArthur sporting a pair), aviator glasses made it into the mainstream market.

Driven by our enduring love of these timeless pair of shades, we’ve pulled together the ultimate aviator sunglasses guide, with all the worthiest iterations of the style right now.

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Best Classic Aviators

Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror Sunglasses is the iconic model that has mirrored lenses.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You can’t get better than the best. From 1937 to this day, Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses are the original from which all other aviators were designed after. Fun fact: The mirrored coating isn’t just to be cool — it also reduces glare.

American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses

This American Optical Original Pilot Sunglasses is a 57-20-145mm in a matte silver color frame and green lense.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

A favorite of U.S. military pilots for more than 50 years, these all-business aviator sunglasses are a marvel of premium materials and precision engineering. If an understated badass look is your goal, look no further.

Best Squared-Edge Aviators

Randolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses

The Randolph Engineering Concorde Sunglasses features 22k Rose Gold Luxury Finish Frame & SkyForce™ Nylon Rose Gold Mirror Non-Polarized Lens frame.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for something a little more restrained, this slightly squared-off iteration softens the Fear and Loathing look of the original aviator profile.

Best Oversized Aviators

Porsche Design P’8478 Sunglasses

This Porsche Design P’8478 Sunglasses has a matte dark grey color with non-polarized lenses.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Glam it up in the same shades sported by rockers like Axl Rose, Usher, and Rick Ross. The only thing cooler than the 1980s-throwback style is the interchangeable lens feature, which was the first of its kind when the P’8478 debuted in 1978.

Best Affordable Aviators

Nectar Kitty Hawk Sunglasses

This Nectar Kitty Hawk Sunglasses has a Stainless Steel Frames With Sillicon Tips and Polarized TAC Lens.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Unsure of whether you can pull off the aviator style? The easygoing price point of Nectar’s aviator shades lets you give the style a fair shake without spending next month’s rent. If you end up deciding it’s not your look, at least you’ll have the satisfaction of having helped repopulate honeybee colonies with your purchase.

Luenx Aviator Sunglasses

The LUENX Aviator Sunglasses has a solid and durable metal frame as well as shatterproof lenses.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Who says top-notch sunglasses need to be expensive? This Luenx Aviator Sunglasses offers both the practical features of a classic aviator and the top-notch design you can add to your current style, without breaking the bank. This aviator has a polarized and UV-protected lens that effectively filter and block glares, all in a solid and durable metal frame.

History of Aviator Sunglasses

We have real aviators to thank for sunglasses going from being a purely functional piece for hunters, sportsmen, and military to an enduring fashion statement rocked by musicians, actors, and celebrities of every stripe. Cultural icons including Hunter S. Thompson, Freddie Mercury, Eddie Murphy, and Gloria Steinem have used a pair of aviator sunglasses to convey their don’t-mess-with-me coolness throughout the last 70 years. It’s no stretch to say that aviator sunglasses confer an entire history of cultural iconography to anyone smart enough to wear them — no wonder they’re still the most popular shape in the Ray-Ban brand catalog.

Since its debut decades ago, the aviator style has undergone subtle stylistic changes. According to Ray-Ban senior brand director Marie DiPalma, the 1940s highlighted gradient and mirrored lenses further enhanced the sunglasses’ military performance during World War II. In the 1970s, the aviator adapted to the disco era with photochromic Ambermatic lenses (as seen on Robert DeNiro in the film Taxi Driver); in the 1980s, the classic aviator style was revived from its fighter pilot roots, thanks to Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Through every decade of its existence, DiPalma says, aviator sunglasses have helped shape popular culture and remain an enduring classic for both men and women. “The style,” she adds, “is the perfect accessory for the strong-willed and independently minded cultural icons who don’t want to be seen but definitely want to be noticed.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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