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The 7 Best Men’s Running Sunglasses for Runners

With spring nearly sprung, now is the perfect time to dust off those sneakers and start running outside again. When temperatures start to rise, a reliable pair of polarized sunglasses is as important as wearing sunblock on your outdoor runs. While outdoor exercise is beneficial in many ways, it can be challenging. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping the blinding light out of your eyes when you should be focusing on achieving that new mile time! Luckily, there are many running sunglasses for men designed to help you out!

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A solid pair of running shades stay in place, keep the wind out of your eyes, and feel comfortable while you hit the road. Unlike regular sunglasses that fog up and slip down your sweaty nose, these shades are designed to literally go the extra mile — and represent some of the best fitness gear for runners.

Man running on a desert mountain trail wearing polarized sunglasses.

The result is a noticeable boost in your overall athletic performance – whether you’re an ultra-marathoner or a casual jogger. For shades that are bound to become your new running buddies, we’ve made a selection of the best sunglasses for runners. Keep the glare out of your eyes and go the distance by making these running sunglasses part of your essential gear. Don’t forget to invest in the best running shoes for men as well!

Best Overall: Headland by Sunski

Headland by Sunski sunglasses.

If you’re looking for running sunglasses that check all the boxes, you’ve found your match with Sunski’s Headland sunglasses. These flattering shades feel great and look even better on all face shapes. Made from recycled plastic, the frame is super light and flexible. The lenses deliver polarized UV protection while offering great visibility and just the right amount of light transmission.

Most Durable: ForceFlex FF500

A side view of the ForceFlex FF500.

Virtually unbreakable, the ForceFlex FF500 is the most durable pair of running sunglasses out there. No matter how much you use and abuse these babies, you can be sure that they won’t scratch, crack, or otherwise get damaged. Along with a flexible and long-lasting frame, the lens in these glasses offers complete UVA/UVB protection and comfortable visibility.

Best Budget: The OG by goodr

The OG sunglasses by goodr with white frames and lime green temple arms.

Ideal for beginning runners who have a lot of new gear to buy, goodr’s OGs are the best budget running sunglasses. At an affordable price, these budget-friendly sunglasses feel great on your eyes while you jog. You’ll love their efficient grip coating that keeps the nose piece from slipping or bouncing while giving you a snug and lightweight feel. As for sun protection, you can be sure that their UV400 polarized lens keeps UVA and UVB rays away from your eyes.

Best for Small Faces: Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet Sunglasses with silver frames and a purple-blue toned lens.

Guys with slim faces will find their perfect fit with the Tifosi Jet Sunglasses. While you get your miles in, these lightweight and seamless shades are sure to stay on and keep your eyes protected from UV rays. And for a custom fit, their hydrophilic rubber nose piece conforms to your face to give you an even better grip the more you sweat.

Most Versatile: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses.

For shades that you can also wear on your rest days, look no further than the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. With an updated classic style, these are the trusty sunglasses you can live in. They’re fashionable and comfortable while you run or lounge. Choose the size that works for you and enjoy polarized UV protection with durability and style.

Best for Trail Running: Oakley Men’s Oo9313 Evzero Path

Oakley Men’s Oo9313 Evzero Path sunglasses with rainbow-hued lenses.

Any experienced runner knows that trail running is its own beast. With sunglasses that enhance color and contrast, the Oakley Men’s Oo9313 Evzero Path adapts to different amounts of sunlight and lets you see all the details around you. They’re a comfortable pair of transition lenses that offer durability and functionality.

Best Interchangeable Lenses: Native Eyewear Catamount Polarized Sunglasses

Native Eyewear Catamount Polarized Sunglasses with lime green temple grips and green-toned lenses.

With different lens colors that offer a variety of light filters, the Native Eyewear Catamount Polarized Sunglasses enhance your depth perception to help you see better on all running terrains. With these sunglasses, you can reduce eye fatigue and acclimate to different light conditions. While the frames don’t include the extra lenses, they give you the option to exchange them and make sure you have the right lens for all your different activities.

Why Do Runners Wear Sunglasses?

Runners wear sunglasses for comfort, fashion, and eye health. Running shades reduce glare, keep small particles out of your eyes, and help you have better visibility while outdoors. A pair of running sunglasses that offer clarity and UV protection are key to your success as a runner.

Do I Need Polarized Sunglasses for Running?

Polarized lenses keep reflecting light out of your eyes, making it easier for you to see under bright conditions. While some running sunglasses are not polarized and still offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, polarized lenses make your eyes more comfortable than non-polarized lenses. If your eyes are sensitive to light, a pair of polarized sunglasses can help diminish the intensity of sunlight while allowing you to see with better sharpness and clarity.

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