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The Best Men’s Running Tights To Protect Your Legs

Tights, leggings, “meggings,” base layers, or whatever you’d like to call them, not only add a bit of variety to a workout wardrobe, they’re also chock full of benefits. Besides adding extra warmth for a hike, run, or bike ride (particularly moving into the cooler months in most of the Northern Hemisphere), the best leggings for men should be tight enough to add compression, promoting blood flow and oxygen to leg muscles. That can not only enhance performance during exercise but also help with recovery afterward.

Running tights are super comfortable for lounging around and are a great layered look worn under shorts of all sorts. And let’s face it, they can look pretty good on their own too. Workout tights for men are available across a wide price range, but, for the most part, you’ll get what you pay for. Although we’re all for being budget-conscious, trust us on this one: You don’t want to find out about failure in the midst of a deep squat in front of the whole gym.

Fitness man ready for running on wooden walkway on park.

From sweat-wicking technology to winter-proof material guaranteed to keep you toasty warm on the coldest days, here are the best men’s running tights.

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DRSKIN Compression Tights

DRSKIN Compression Tights.

At $17 a pop, these are some of the cheapest leggings we’ve found. Buy them in a three-pack and save even more. The fabric is a classic poly/spandex blend that offers circulation and moisture management to keep you cool in summer, warm in winter, and dry all year long. They’re also available in a variety of colors, as well as red and gray camouflage designs.

Satori Stylez Dragon Leggings

Feel the dragon in these print tights from Satori Stylez

Check out the Satori Stylez shop on Amazon for an awesome range of patterns, all cut, sewn, and printed in the USA or Mexico. This dragon print is one of our favorites, featuring 18% Spandex for extra stretch to get you through your longest run or your most challenging yoga class. One of our favorite features: They’re “Squats Approved,“ meaning the fabric is thick enough and strong enough that you won’t be mooning anyone during even your deepest squat. No fears, though — t’s also lightweight enough to keep you dry throughout the workout. 

Vuori Limitless Compression Tight

Vuori Limitless Compression Tight.

Vuori maintains a super-comfortable approach to workout clothes that also happen to be great-looking enough you could really wear them anywhere. These compression tights, for example, include a brushed waistband and a hidden pocket to stash keys or maybe a small audio device. They also feature a zippered ankle which makes them a heck of a lot easier to put on. The compressive fit is great for muscles and circulation, while the quick-dry soft interlock fabric feels good and offers moisture-wicking.  

Icebreaker Merino 175 Everyday Thermal Leggings

Icebreaker makes many products in merino, nature's performance fabric, including these leggings for men.

Merino wool is the original performance fiber, naturally offering wicking, cooling, and odor-protection properties to keep our bodies comfortable and dry during an intense workout. Perfect for a run, or to wear as a layering piece for winter skiing, the 175 offers a perfect weight for most activities, made from a fine ribbed knit fabric that’s lighter than some traditional jersey knit versions. Because they’re so light, they are a little see-through so you might want to wear these under at least a pair of workout shorts. The Icebreaker Cool-Lite version — a blend of Merino, Tencel, Nylon, and Elastane — offers more opaque coverage, and can be worn comfortably on its own.


Nobull Compression Tight

Serious athletes designed these tights for No Bull.

The Nobull collection is made for and by athletes that take their workouts pretty seriously and who want clothes that can take the pressure. These 3/4-length tights are made from a nylon/spandex blend, offering an oxygenating compression fit with a shaped front basket with an antimicrobial lining. The interior panel is made from a breathable mesh to keep things cooler, while the exposed jacquard waistband does a great job of keeping the tights in place even during deep squats. We also like the no-nonsense neutral palette of black, charcoal, navy, and olive. 

Alo Yoga Warrior Compression Pant

The simplicity of these leggings from Alo Yoga belies their functionality.

The Aloe legging offers an almost sweatpants-like comfort. It’s full-length, offering moisture-wicking and mobility (perfect for those warrior poses), with both an elastic waistband and a drawstring closure. the four-way stretch fabric offers moisture-wicking and odor resistance, while a lined gusset running up the inside of the leg adds further fit, stretch, and comfort. 


Lululemon License to Train Tight

The ultimate yoga leggings come from the ultimate yoga apparel company, Lululemon.

These clean, modern 3/4-length tights feature bonded construction to create smooth, flat, comfortable seams, and come in Lululemon’s Luxtreme sweat-wicking fabric with lots of stretch. There’s an interior pocket to stash valuables and a printed branded graphic that looks as though it’s stepped out of a utopian sci-fi fantasy. They’re perfect for your workout, but the clean styling is a great layering look to extend shorts season further into fall. 

Matador Meggings

Close-up of a the Matador Meggings in blue.

Most leggings are thin, stretchy, and way too tight. Inspired by the leggings worn by male bullfighters in Spain, Matador Meggings are made from moisture-wicking lycra fabric that keeps you dry throughout your workout. Matador also puts a lot of thought into their product, offering a soft crotch cup which may make some guys feel a little more comfortable wearing leggings without a pair of shorts. They also feature streamlined pockets to stash a phone and valuables, and a T-shirt loop. They’re also made from a lightweight sweat-wicking stretch fabric. These are great for wearing way beyond the gym or for a run.

Hylete Apex II Light Compression Tight

Hylete Apex II Light Compression Tight in black over a white background.

Not only does the stretch performance fabric feel like a second skin, but it also carries real benefits that improve your training and performance. The compression promotes blood flow and keeps muscles warm to minimize fatigue. The V-shaped crotch panel construction keeps the goods comfortably tucked away without restricting movement.

New Balance Impact Run Tights

The New Balance Impact Run Tights with New Balance sneakers.

Made with NB DRY fast-drying technology, the innovative fabric pulls moisture away from your body during your workouts. With a fit that’s snug at the hip and thigh, these tights fully support you while you sweat. Drop-in pockets keep your phone and keys safe and on your person during your run, along with a secure zipper back pocket for added storage with no bounce or water damage.

Gore R3 Tights

Black Gore R3 Tights over a white background.

In colder weather, reach for these Gore R3 leggings. Designed for cross-country skiing and running, these leggings are made from water-resistant, windproof nylon-elastane to keep you warm and dry even though the toughest winter conditions. The soft inside material makes cold-weather training not just bearable, but enjoyable.

Brooks Source Tights

Brooks Source Tights and black sneakers.

Lightweight and built for speed, these tights allow you to fly down the track. Minimal seaming allows for comfortable long strides without chafing. The flat waistband sits comfortably against your body for streamlined comfort, while two generously sized pockets keep your gear safely tucked away.

Under Armour RUSH Seamless Leggings

Men's UA RUSH Seamless Black Leggings.

Under Armour keeps innovating, and their leggings feature the latest in performance-enhancing technology. The brand uses a mineral-infused fabric to reflect the energy you expend during your workout back into your muscles, improving endurance and strength. Mesh panels provide strategic ventilation and contribute to a comfortable, dry fit throughout the entirety of your workout.

Why Wear Running Tights?

At first glance, all running tights look the same: made from a soft, stretchy synthetic fabric, tight, and usually featuring a pocket or two. But depending on where you live and the common weather conditions in your area, investing in a specialized pair of running tights will help ensure the most pleasurable and comfortable outdoor runs across all four seasons. The best men’s workout brands are consistently trying to outdo one another with the latest in quality and innovative technology, and when they compete, the consumer wins.

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