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The Best Men’s Running Tights To Protect Your Legs From the Elements

best running tights

If you’re a dedicated runner, you can’t be put off from your daily run by a light drizzle or chilly temps. When the weather refuses to cooperate but your legs are itching to hit the pavement, a good pair of running tights will protect you from the cold and rain so you can get out there and get those miles in.

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At first glance, all running tights look the same: made from a soft, stretchy synthetic fabric, tight, and usually featuring a pocket or two. But depending on where you live and the common weather conditions in your area, investing in a specialized pair of running tights will help ensure the most pleasurable and comfortable outdoor runs across all four seasons. The best men’s workout brands are consistently trying to outdo one another with the latest in quality and innovative technology, and when they compete, the consumer wins.

From sweat-wicking technology to winter-proof material guaranteed to keep you toasty warm on the coldest days, here are the best running tights for men.

Matador Meggings

Most leggings are thin, stretchy, and way too tight. Inspired by the leggings worn by male bullfighters in Spain, Matador Meggings are made from moisture-wicking lycra fabric that keeps you dry throughout your workout. The best part about these leggings is the thoughtfully designed contoured crotch, which is removable for easy cleaning and sits snugly in a small sleeve at the front of the pants.

Rhone Distance Run Tight

Rhone Distance Run Tight

These breathable, sweat-wicking leggings from high-performance activewear brand Rhone are the perfect lightweight layer underneath running shorts. Designed to keep their shape whether you’re on your first mile or your fifth, these tights keep your run comfortable with a built-in media pocket, reflective details, and flat-lock seams.

Hylete Apex II Light Compression Tight

Not only does the stretch performance fabric feel like a second skin, but it also carries real benefits that improve your training and performance. The compression promotes blood flow and keeps muscles warm to minimize fatigue. The V-shaped crotch panel construction keeps the goods comfortably tucked away without restricting movement.

New Balance Impact Run Tights

Made with NB DRY fast-drying technology, the innovative fabric pulls moisture away from your body during your workouts. With a fit that’s snug at the hip and thigh, these tights fully support you while you sweat. Drop-in pockets keep your phone and keys safe and on your person during your run, along with a secure zipper back pocket for added storage with no bounce or water damage.

Gore R3 Tights

In colder weather, reach for these Gore R3 leggings. Designed for cross-country skiing and running, these leggings are made from water-resistant, windproof nylon-elastane to keep you warm and dry even though the toughest winter conditions. The soft inside material makes cold-weather training not just bearable, but enjoyable.

Hoka Performance Tights

These leggings are stretchy in all the right ways. These form-fittings tights are made from a sustainable Italian fabric of nylon and polyester with a brushed, ultra soft matte feel. Even after a challenging workout or multiple workouts, they never sag. With thermal and UV protection, these leggings are a must-have for those sunny winter runs.

Brooks Source Tights

Lightweight and built for speed, these tights allow you to fly down the track. Minimal seaming allows for comfortable long strides without chafing. The flat waistband sits comfortably against your body for streamlined comfort, while two generously sized pockets keep your gear safely tucked away.

Nike Swift Tights

These tights from Nike are lightweight and provide just the right amount of compression, making them ideal for everyday running or a sweaty gym sesh. The perfect mix between joggers and full-on tights, these leggings are loose up top and transition to full-on tights at the knee. Mesh at the back of the knees allows for superior breathability and ventilation.

Under Armour RUSH Leggings

Under Armour RUSH Leggings

Under Armour keeps innovating, and their leggings feature the latest in performance-enhancing technology. The brand uses a mineral-infused fabric to reflect the energy you expend during your workout back into your muscles, improving endurance and strength. Mesh panels provide strategic ventilation and contribute to a comfortable, dry fit throughout the entirety of your workout.

The North Face Men’s Movmynt Tight

The North Face Men's Movmynt Tight

These climate-controlled leggings are made from a quick-drying fabric that wicks away moisture and dries quickly, while also resisting abrasion and tearing. Run freely without constraint with these stretchy leggings made for day-long wearability, including at night — The North Face logo is reflective for low-light safety.

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