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The 5 best Theragun alternatives in 2024

A man massages his arm with a Theragun Pro.

Theragun makes some of the most popular massage guns, and while Theragun massage guns come with premium quality, they also come with premium prices. Whether you’re looking for the best massage gun deals or simply looking for a brand other than Theragun, we’ve put together some of the best Theragun alternatives in 2024. They include massage guns from brands like Sharper Image and Beurer, and most of them include much better pricing than you’ll find amongst Theragun’s massage gun lineup.

The best Theragun alternatives in 2024

  • Buy the if you want the best Theragun alternative overall.
  • Buy the if you want the best Theragun alternative for deep tissue massage.
  • Buy the if you want the best mini Theragun alternative.
  • Buy the if you want the best premium Theragun alternative.
  • Buy the if you want the best Theragun alternative for a budget.

Sharper Image Powerboost Pro+

Best Theragun alternative overall

A man uses the Sharper Image Powerboost Pro+ to massage his shoulder.
Sharper Image
Pros Cons
Hot and cold percussion Relatively heavy
Well priced
Sleek design

The Sharper Image Powerboost Pro+ is a unique massage gun that’s capable of using hot and cold percussion to target sore muscles and knots. This alone could make it the best Theragun alternative in 2024, but its build quality and fair price point also contribute. The Powerboost Pro+ has a lot to offer, including six different speed levels and six different massage heads. Its dual temperature functionality ranges from 10 degrees on the cold side to 104 degrees when seeking a hot massage.

Speed levels 6
Massage heads 6

Beurer compact massage gun

Best Theragun alternative for deep tissue massage

A woman uses the Beurer compact massage gun to massage her ankle.
Pros Cons
Deep reaching percussion No gentle speed levels
Compact design
Long last rechargeable battery

If getting down and dirty with your muscles is how you best recover and relax, the Beurer compact massage gun makes the best Theragun alternative for deep tissue massage. It does so with five different intensity levels to choose from and four different massage heads, including a ball head, a bull head, a fork head, and a shock absorbing head. The Beurer compact massage gun is cordless and includes a rechargeable battery that can last up to four hours on a charge.

Speed levels 5
Massage heads 4

Beurer MG10 massage ball

Best mini Theragun alternative

A woman uses the Beurer MG10 massage ball to massage her hip.
Pros Cons
Precise trigger point targeting Only two speed settings
Travels easily
Rechargeable battery

Targeting specific muscles from injury or after a workout is made easy with smaller massage devices such as the Beurer massage ball. It’s the perfect massage companion for travelers. It has a diameter of just three inches, which makes it as efficient fitting into a backpack as it is when targeting specific trigger points. It has two speed settings and makes good use at the gym and at home as well.

Speed levels 2

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Best premium Theragun alternative

Patrick Mahomes uses the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro to massage his shoulder.
Pros Cons
Bluetooth connectivity Somewhat pricey
Long lasting rechargeable battery
Access to guided routines

If reasons other than price are what have you in search of the best Theragun alternatives you should check out the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro. It offers a lot of premium quality, and while it does come in at a premium price point, it’s still somewhat less expensive than many Theragun models. This massage gun can connect to your smartphone through the Hyperice app, and from there you can warm up and recover like the pros, as it has access to guided routines from top athletes.

Speed levels 5
Massage heads 5

Olsky massage gun

Best Theragun alternative for a budget

Pros Cons
Ergonomic design Longevity issues
Rechargeable battery
Low price

One thing you always have to look out for when shopping for cheap electronics is longevity. There’s no telling how long a cheap massage gun can hold up, but long return windows can play in your favor with something like the Olsky massage gun. It certainly will get the massage job done and you should know within a couple weeks of putting it to use whether it will hold up long term or not. The Olsky massage gun makes it easy to relax and unwind on a budget and has 30 different speed levels to help you do so.

Speed levels 30
Massage heads 9

How we chose the best Theragun alternatives

In making our selections for the best Theragun alternatives we took into account several things. We tried to consider what Theragun shoppers might be looking for, so at the top of the list in making our selections was quality. A massage gun is no good if it conks out after a month. The other main thing we looked for is how well a massage gun gets the job done. All of our selections were made by seeking out Theragun alternatives with a large number of quality customer reviews. We also stayed away from massage guns with too many poor reviews even if they managed a high overall rating.

Physical activity is also something we try to incorporate into our daily lives, and we’ve had some experience with both Theraguns and massage guns in general. This expertise went into tracking down what we consider to be the best Theragun alternatives in 2024.

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