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The best Puma running shoes for men in 2024

When it comes to buying running shoes to protect your limbs as well as help you achieve the best times, you don’t want to solely focus on running shoe deals going on at the time. Instead, you want the best running shoes possible. Puma is one of the most reliable options so if you’re considering checking out the best Puma running shoes, you’re in luck.

We’ve picked out the very best Puma running shoes for men that you can buy today. We’ve catered to different budgets and needs, appreciating that some of us love to run on the sidewalk and others prefer trail running. Take a look below at what we’ve picked so you can soon dive into a comfier and faster world of running.

The best Puma running shoes for men in 2024

  • Buy if you want the fastest running shoes.
  • Buy if you’re a keen runner.
  • Buy for daily running.
  • Buy for novice runners.
  • Buy for plenty of cushioning.
  • Buy for trail running.

Fast-R Nitro Elite 2

Best fastest running shoes

The FAST-R-NITRO™-Elite-2-Men's-Running-Shoes on a white background.
Pros Cons
Designed for fast performance Expensive
Extensive support

If you’re serious about your running and keen to improve as much as possible, you need the Fast-R Nitro Elite 2. The race day-focused shoe is designed with maximum performance in mind. It uses Puma’s Nitro Elite midsole technology to provide exceptional responsiveness while being incredibly lightweight. There’s also Pumagrip which is a lightweight rubber outsole for great grip while Pwrplate is a running plate that is designed to provide support and power to guarantee a more efficient run.

The Fast-R Nitro Elite 2 also utilizes an Ultraweave upper which is infused with carbon fiber threads, while Pwrtape technology offers targeted reinforcement for upper durability. Combined, it’s all perfect for the fastest of runs your body can achieve.

Deviate Nitro 2

Best for advanced runners

The Deviate-NITRO™-2-Men's-Running-Shoes on a white background.
Pros Cons
Well priced for what it offers Excessive for some people
Very lightweight

If you’re just starting out, the Deviate Nitro 2 will be excessive for your needs. For regular runners though, they’re competitively priced for anyone seeking great performance. It has full-length Nitrofoam Elite technology which provides great responsiveness while being exceptionally lightweight. There’s also Innoplate — an innovative plate that is designed to act as a lever for maximum energy transfer.

Cushioning is at Puma’s maximum level so your feet are always well protected while there’s a breathable mesh upper, Pumagrip ATR heel rubber which adds durability, and plenty of ankle support too.

Velocity Nitro 3 Psychedelic Rush

Best for daily running

The Velocity-NITRO™-3-Psychedelic-Rush-Men's-Running-Shoes on a white background.
Pros Cons
Reliable design Advanced runners will want more
Keenly priced

The Velocity Nitro 3 Psychedelic Rush are perfect if you regularly run but you’re not too interested in beating best times or pushing yourself to the limit. They’re reliable with all the technology you could need. That includes Nitro which means better responsiveness and cushioning while there’s Pumagrip which provides grip for your most powerful toe-off.

Alongside those key features, the Velocity Nitro 3 Psychedelic Rush also has Profoam which is an EVA midsole foam for stability and durability, while there’s targeted taping for upper support and durability. Count on medium levels of cushioning which should suit most people’s needs.

Puma x First Mile Electrify Nitro 3

Best for novice runners

The Puma x First Mile Electrify Nitro 3 on a white background.
Pros Cons
Great price Lacks extensive features of pricier shoes
Good cushioning

Just started running? Buy the Puma x First Mile Electrify Nitro 3. While they might lack some of the finer features of pricier running shoes, they’re a great starting point. As you run more, you can learn more about the cushioning and energy transfer that works best for your feet and running style. Stick with the Puma x First Mile Electrify Nitro 3 starting out, and you’re all good to go without spending a fortune.

The shoes offer Nitrofoam which is advanced nitrogen-infused foam that’s designed to provide great responsiveness and cushioning. It’ll keep your feet safe while you ramp up the miles. Alongside that is a lightweight, engineered mesh upper, TPU heel piece, and Pumagrip rubber outsole. The mesh upper is made with recycled First Mile yarns so it’s good for the environment as well as the breathability of your feet.

Seasons Voyage Nitro 3

Best for cushioning

The Seasons Voyage Nitro 3 on a white background.
Pros Cons
Extensive cushioning Cushioning won’t be for everyone
Perfect for trail running as well as road running

If you like to feel as if you’re running barefoot, skip the Seasons Voyage Nitro 3. If you need all the cushioning possible such as due to joint problems, then check them out. Designed for trail running, you can tackle any terrain with the shoes easily able to cope with road running as well. It uses Nitro advanced foam technology for great levels of cushioning while there’s Pumagrip ATR which provides trail-ready performance rubber compound that is designed to maintain traction on ice, mud, and unstable surfaces.

There’s also Pwradapt which allows the lugs to move independently with the ground for great traction even if the weather is poor. An adaptive fit system ensures a secure lockdown through the midfoot while there are even forefoot drain ports. They’re great if you can’t guarantee a dry day for your running sessions.

Seasons Explore Nitro

Best for trail running

The Seasons Explore Nitro on a white background.
Pros Cons
Great for trail running Less useful for road running
Neat lacing system

The Seasons Explore Nitro is perfect for runners who like to go off the beaten path and check out nearby trails. Whether you’re dealing with gravel surfaces or rocky ones, the Seasons Explore Nitro uses a combination of Nitrofoam and Profoamlite. That means great responsiveness, and plenty of cushioning, yet it’s still lightweight. There’s also a trail-ready performance rubber compound while the upper is made with at least 50% recycled materials.

Neat extra touches include an integrated, heel-supporting lacing system, along with toe drainage ports, adaptive fit system, and a small heel-to-toe drop.

How we chose these Puma running shoes for men

Choosing the right Puma running shoes is an important step in helping you gain the fastest times, the best comfort for your feet, and generally the most amount of enjoyment too. We evaluated a few key things while picking out the best Puma running shoes for men. Here’s what we considered.

Think about how often you plan on using them.

If you’re new to running, you don’t need to spend a fortune for the right shoes for your needs. It makes sense to experiment starting out as we all have different preferences as well as need different levels of support. Your stance and running style is unique to you so if you’ve been running for a while, you probably know what to expect which is where you can invest more.

Trail or road?

If you plan on running on the road or sidewalk most of the time, stick with a road running shoe. If you’re trail running across mud and rocky surfaces, do the opposite and focus on a trail running shoe. Price rarely makes a difference here but you do need different amounts of cushioning and protection.

Style is something

Style isn’t quite everything here but it is important to buy Puma running shoes that you feel good about wearing. We can’t advise here as we all have different tastes, however we have focused on Puma running shoes that offer different designs and colors so you should be able to find something that suits your look.

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