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The 10 best places to buy a mattress in 2024

A Leesa mattress in a bedroom.

Looking to buy a new mattress? Selecting a new mattress is no small feat. Between the sheer amount of brands, materials, sizes and specs to choose from, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we are here to give you the inside scoop on where to buy your next mattress.

To help you choose the best place to buy a mattress in 2024, we rounded up ten of our favorite picks to help you get that full eight hours of sleep you’ve been dreaming of. These brands and retailers offer an array of different types of mattresses at various price points to help you make an educated purchase. Keep reading to learn more about our selections.


Casper is known for their mattresses in a box. Once you receive the mattress in the mail, all you have to do is pull it out of the box, remove the compressed air-sealed bag and roll it right onto your bed frame. The brand offers three mattress categories including value, performance and cooling with two different mattresses under each category to fit your preferences. The value category consists of the Original and the Casper mattress that offer signature sleep technology at a reasonable price. In the performance category, you can find the Original Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid that both give superior ergonomic support to give you a deeper sleep. Finally, the cooling category offers two mattresses that feature snow technology for up to 6 degrees cooler sleep. No matter what mattress you choose, Casper offers a 10-year limited mattress warranty and as well as a 100 night risk-free mattress trial. Here are seven signs you need to start mattress shopping.


The mattresses that you can buy at Nectar have won tons of awards over the past few years. They offer three specific mattresses that all offer affordable comfort, competitive prices and premium materials. They offer a forever warranty and 365 night trial as well as free returns and free shipping. The three mattresses you can choose from include the Nectar,  the Nectar Premium and the Nectar Premium Copper that are available at different price points. Each mattress can be purchased in either a memory foam or hybrid materials. Hybrid combines foam and springs together for additional support while sleeping.


For those looking for a luxurious mattress, look no further than Saatva. This brand offers nine different handcrafted mattresses that are all made in the USA. They cut out the middleman and traditional retail markups to give you a high-quality and comfortable options. Saatva offers a 365-night home trial and a lifetime warranty on all mattresses. You will also receive free delivery and setup as well as mattress removal. They offer a wide variety of mattresses including memory foam, natural latex, adjustable firmness, hybrid innerspring and options for kids and even pets. One of their products was included in our list of the six best mattresses for stomach sleepers.


Tempur-Pedic is known for their popular memory foam mattresses that adapt to your body’s temperature, weight and shape to help relieve pressure points and reduce motion transfer. So how long does a Tempur-Pedic mattress last?  They offer a ten year warranty, 90-night trial and free white glove delivery service with the purchase of a mattress. You can pick from the brand’s Tempur-Cloud, Tempur-Adapt and Tempur-Breeze options that all offer various features, materials and specs to fit your sleeping needs.


If you are all about sustainable living and want to translate that into your mattress purchase, Avocado is the best brand for you. Each certified organic mattress is made with domestic and imported certified organic materials that are available at affordable and accessible price points. They offer a one-year sleep trial and a whopping 25-year warranty as well as optional in-home delivery and setup. Pick from a bunch of options including the Avocado Green Mattress, the Luxury Organic Mattress. the Avocado Vegan Mattress, the Avocado Latex Mattress and the Eco Organic Mattress. Check out our Avocado Green Mattress review for even more details about this product.

Tuft & Needle

All Tuft & Needle mattresses feature the brand’s T&N Adaptive foam that was created based on customer feedback. It provides you pressure relief throughout the night with its open-cell structure that gives you a flexible sleep surface that adjusts as you change sleep positions throughout the night. They offer a 100-night trial, free returns and a 10-year limited warranty. The best part? You can shop Tuft & Needle mattresses right at your local Target. You can pick from three mattress options including the Essential T&N Original, the Bestselling T&N Mint and the T&N Hybrid that are all available at various price points. Any mattress from Tuft & Needle will help you get the comfort of a luxury hotel mattress in your own home.


Purple prides itself on its technologically-advanced mattresses that use the brand’s exclusive GelFlex Grid. Unlike memory foam, this material doesn’t trap heat and offers sleepers a cool, comfortable and deep sleep. This technology offers instant adaptive, all-over pressure relief and total comfort. They offer three different collections, Essential, Restore and Rejuvenate that all give you specific features and benefits depending on what type of sleeper you are. These are some of the mattresses you need for a perfect’s night sleep.


Each Leesa mattress is designed and assembled in Arizona using high-quality materials and extreme attention to detail. They offer a risk-free 100-night trial, free shipping and a 10-year limited warranty. Each mattress purchase you make helps the brand donate a bed to a child or family in need with Leesa donating one new mattress for every 10 sold. Mattress options include memory foam, cooling, hybrid innerspring and children’s. The Leesa Original Mattress is included in our best sleep product awards so you know it will be a great purchase.


If you really want to amp up the technology in your bedroom, opt for a mattress from SleepNumber. They sell smart mattresses that let you adjust the firmness, comfort and support on each side so if you and your partner have different sleeping styles, neither of you will have to sacrifice your precious sleep. You can set the mattress up to a personalized app that offers you insights on your sleep patterns and habits. They offer a bunch of options that include memory foam, classic series and climate control that will all help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep uses cutting-edge technology with copper memory foams that work harder and better than traditional foams. They offer flippable firmness so you can sleep on either side of the mattress. You can pick between the brand’s two options, the Memory Foam Mattress and the Hybrid Mattress. The Memory Foam Mattress uses copper gel in the foam which reacts to increased pressure with a firming response so it is always soft and hugs to your body. The Hybrid Mattress features an individually wrapped coil system that offers superior edge support and maximum motion control. You can get a 120-night sleep trial for up to four months after the purchase of your mattress, free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

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