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The 10 Best Running Gloves in 2022

Running in cold weather definitely beats running in the heat, but without the right running gear, you’ll be cursing the cooler temperatures. This year is a great time to start running for the first time considering your heart rate and dehydration levels will be lower, which makes running seem that much easier on your body. If running shoes are the most important piece of gear for a runner, running gloves come in a close second during the months of November–March.

Whether you’re trail running or just running around the block, running gloves will keep your hands warm so your feet can keep moving. Below, we’ve rounded up the 10 best running gloves in 2022.

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Under Armour Men’s Storm Running Gloves

Under Armour Men's Storm Running Gloves

Any weather is no match for these gloves. These thin, fitted gloves repel water without sacrificing breathability, and the extended cuffs can be tucked into your sleeves so you hands stay warm and dry.

The North Face Men’s Etip Gloves

The North Face Men's Sierra Etip Gloves

The North Face Men’s Etip Gloves help your hands brace for cold weather without struggling to send a text or grip a water bottle. They’re the perfect daily-use glove made from a blend of polyester and four-way stretch fleece that allows for full mobility and plenty of dexterity. These gloves were engineered using radiometric articulation technology, which keeps your hands in their natural relaxed resting position. The attention to detail in terms of fit and form is what really makes these gloves stand out amongst the rest.

Brooks Running Dash Glove

These gloves feel like cozy socks for your hands. Perfect for cool weather runs, these gloves are incredibly soft and contain a touch of spandex for ease of movement. They offer just the right of warmth for a brisk jog around the neighborhood.

Smartwool Unisex Liner Glove

Smartwool Unisex Liner Glove

The Smartwool Unisex Liner Gloves are made from merino wool, a piece of high-performance cold-weather fabric with moisture-wicking and thermo-regulation benefits. These liner gloves lock in body heat and are touchscreen compatible, so you don’t have to take off your gloves to text or hit “Next” on shuffle.

Sealskinz Waterproof All-Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

Whether you’re running in the rain or rushing through a trail hike, these all-weather gloves will keep your hands dry while also preserving dexterity. They have a silicone grip throughout the palms so your hands aren’t rendered completely useless while wearing them, and they’re also touchscreen compatible. The merino wool liner holds onto warmth and won’t get soaked if you happen to come into contact with the snow.

Zensah Smart Running Glove

Zensah Smart Running Gloves with Touch Screen Feature

Make these your go-to running gloves this year. Zensah’s touchscreen-compatible gloves have truly thought of everything. From the tech touch fingerprints to the silicone gripping on the palms and microsuede thumb to wipe your nose/eyes, these gloves are the ideal running companion during the colder months.

Mammut Astro Gloves

Mammut Astro Gloves

These high-quality running gloves are not only great for running, but also other sports including mountaineering and hiking. They’re made from GORE WINDSTOPPER material, which makes the pair both windproof and breathable. The tight-fitting stretch cuff makes for a near perfect fit that feels like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Nike Transform Convertible Gloves

Nike Transform Convertible Gloves

These multi-functional gloves hold up surprisingly well in unpredictable weather. They feature a foldable exterior mitt that covers your fingers for added wind and water resistance. The extended wrist cuff fits snugly high up on the wrist to trap warmth, and the reflective Nike swoosh helps increase your visibility in low-light conditions.

Black Diamond Lightweight Screentap Gloves

Black Diamond Lightweight Screentap Gloves

These lightweight, stretchy gloves move with you as you’re pounding the pavement and pushing yourself to finish that last mile. They’re incredibly versatile and can be worn on their own up to around 32 degrees, on top of silk liner gloves for below-freezing temperatures, or underneath hard shell gloves during this season.

Arc’teryx Venta Glove

Arc'teryx Venta Gloves

These gloves may be pricy, but they definitely prove their value in terms of design and functionality. Made from breathable GORE WINDSTOPPER fabric and high-loft fleece, the stretchy (yet durable) fabric provides anatomically ideal fit and comfort. Seam-free fingertips allow for maximum dexterity while the water repellent finish helps repel snow and water while creating a windproof surface. These gloves are made to last through years of harsh weather and will keep your hands warm, dry, and more importantly, functional.

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