Last-minute Travel Gift Guide

Parachute Home Travel Kit
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The shopping days left till Christmas this year are fast winding down. But there’s still time left to not be a truly last-minute shopper. Don’t get left blindly wandering the aisles at Brookstone praying to find something useful for the traveler in your life. Instead, check out these gift ideas for the modern, debonair traveler who has (almost) everything:


Mister French Linen Holiday Collection

Step up your travel clothing game with more versatile fabrics like the high-tech linen clothing in Mister French’s latest holiday collection. Each shirt in the collection offers the same great features of traditional linen – ultra soft, lightweight and breathable – but with added stain and spill protection from any liquid. The versatile look of every shirt plays equally well whether dressed down for a day hike or buttoned up for a night out. Available now in short and long sleeve varieties, starting at $143 (USD) and $158 respectively.

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Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2

1,000 Things to Do Before You Die helped spur the modern bucket list movement. But, for travelers who likes to think big, Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2 chronicles only the world’s most truly extraordinary destinations, events, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The 256-page, hardcover brings to life the hustle of modern day Tokyo, the timeless romance of Vienna, and the exotic allure of Marrakech, all with stunning, full-color photos. For travelers looking to get beyond the world’s urban centers, there’s plenty of inspiration for the great outdoors too — from rainforest getaways, to zen mountain retreats, to the thrill of an African safari. Available now for $55.

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Parachute Home Holiday Travel Kit

The days of plush airline blankets and decent travel pillows are (mostly) gone. But that doesn’t mean you need to rough every long-haul flight like a peasant. Parachute Home — well known for their luxury home decor and bedding — recently unveiled a new travel kit fit for the most discerning nomad. Designed in collaboration with famed L.A.-based designer Clare Vivier, the new kit includes an insanely soft blanket and comfortable eye mask to guarantee a proper snooze on just about any flight. The kit features a soft, 100% merino wool carrying case with a unique vermillion red jacquard stripe pattern and works as an airplane pillow cover. Available now for $199.


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