Explore 8 Countries in 23 Days with the Four Seasons World of Adventures Trip

There’s luxury travel, then there’s luxury travel. While an all-inclusive hotel minibar, free bottled water, and a beach massage pass for “the lap of luxury” for most of us, some lucky travelers explore the world in altogether different strata. Enter The Four Seasons World of Adventures Trip, an incredible, no-expense-spared, private world tour that promises eight countries in just 23 days — for a price.

The three-week itinerary reads like an entire bucket list for the average person. The Four Seasons private jet departs from Seattle, Washington en route to Kyoto. Here, travelers experience two full days of history in Japan’s cultural hub and walk the city’s Nishiki Market (often called “Kyoto’s Kitchen”) with Four Seasons’ own chefs. From there, the trip only gets more exotic with tropical beach exploring in Bali and Seychelles.

Then, it’s on to mainland Africa to trek with gorillas in Rwanda and explore the ancient markets and stunning landscape of Marrakech. The final leg of the trip heads to South America for a deep dive into Colombian history, arts, and culture in Bogota. The tour is capped off with an exclusive three-night cruise of the Galapagos Islands to kayak and snorkel with sea turtles, hike lava fields, and take a Zodiac cruise of secluded inlets in search of sea lion pups and the iconic blue-footed boobies.

While the destinations are scheduled well in advance, what travelers choose to do on the ground is wide open. Upon booking the trip, each guest is connected with a personal Four Seasons Global Guest Services Manager. These elite concierges work with each traveler individually to determine what they’d like to experience in each destination. In a sense, travelers can explore every destination in their own way — like a trip within a trip.

Four Seasons World of Adventures Trip Jet
Four Seasons

All air transportation is aboard Four Seasons’ private Boeing 757 — a bespoke aircraft designed to feel every bit as luxurious as the brand’s iconic hotels. The private jet accompanies just 52 passengers (compared to the usual 233 on a typical commercial flight), all with fold-flat leather beds. Every design detail — including Mongolian cashmere blankets, handwoven Dutch carpeting, Bose noise-canceling headphones, and Bulgari amenity bags — is precisely as you would expect in this level of luxury travel. Passengers are provided custom cabin bags to ensure their essential belongings are within easy reach at all times. A personal in-flight executive chef also ensures the quality of the scratch-made meals is up to the Four Seasons standards on the ground.

The whirlwind adventure takes off October 23, 2019. Book your own seat for the low, low price of $143,000. If it helps, all transportation, accommodations, meals, and most activities and excursions are included.

Images courtesy of Four Seasons.

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