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Colorado’s A-Lodge Is a Unique, Choose Your Own Adventure Hotel

Eager travelers are being forced to get creative right now. With countries around the world shutting their doors to U.S. visitors, many Americans are looking to road-tripping, camping, and even long-term options like vanlifing to get their travel fix. One Colorado hotel is thinking well outside the box, offering visitors the opportunity to choose their own social-distancing-friendly outdoor adventure.

AdventureLodge VanLife

Situated in Fourmile Canyon just two miles from downtown Boulder, A-Lodge Hotel is an adventure hotel done in the most Colorado way possible. It’s a deft blend of adventure, relaxed mountain vibes, and modern cabin decor. At its core are 27 private cabins and suites, a 12-room hostel, and a handful of campsites (the only ones in the area within five minutes of downtown), so guests can dial in their preferred type of stay. Every guestroom is warm, cozy, and intimate with an aesthetic reminiscent of sleeping in a friend’s Rocky Mountain cabin. Deluxe rooms and suites upgrade to in-room hot tubs, kitchenettes, and large, house-like floor plans. 

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Inside, the rustic-chic main lodge combines industrial materials like steel cable railings, exposed rivets, and thick timber with natural elements like rich leather sofas, live-edge wood tables, and raw plank ceilings. Outside, A-Lodge Boulder guests have immediate access to a pool, a hot tub, and outdoor yoga space, a BBQ pavilion, creekside slacklining, and miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking. If that’s not enough, the property is less than 15 minutes from downtown Boulder and its world-class beer scene. The town is, of course, renowned as a year-round gateway to every type of outdoor adventure, from skiing and climbing to cycling and hiking to fishing and rafting.

For more adventurous travelers seeking a deep dive into the Colorado Rockies, two fully loaded Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans are available for rent. This social-distancing-friendly option allows renters to customize their van from four modular packages. The Explorer Package, for example, includes a robust kitchen setup, an outdoor shower, a heater, and extra storage — ideal for anyone looking to test-drive the vanlife. Winter renters can opt for The Shredder Package with a ski rack, an oversized winter gear drawer, and a built-in furnace that runs off the van’s diesel tank. BYO (build-your-own) packages are also available, allowing renters to mix and match convenience options like sleeping bags, hammocks, solar showers, and cassette toilets. Plus, van rentals can also be paired with a lodge stay at A-Lodge.

This month, A-Lodge also expanded to the tiny nearby town of Lyons, Colorado. The new boutique hotel boasts just six rooms, but it’s well-situated at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Nightly rates at A-Lodge Boulder start around $49 for a campsite or single hostel bed. Proper hotel rooms start closer to $170, while custom adventure van rentals start just under $200 per night.

If you’re ready to leave the hotel stays behind and embark on your own vanlife journey, check out the full-featured electric campervans from Ready Set Van.

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