How Bose Sleepbuds ‘Non-headphones’ Promise a Better Night’s Sleep

Ahh … sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. It can be elusive for some of us. Like most first-world problems, however, technology has the answer. The Bose Sleepbuds are high-tech “non-headphones” that all but guarantee a better night’s rest.

Bose is best known for their luxury audio products, namely speakers and noise-canceling headphones. While the latter can be helpful for travelers looking to snooze on a long-haul flight, they can be cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear for hours at a time. So, the brand set out to create a pair of noise-masking earbuds designed to wear all night long and facilitate more restful sleep.

bose sleepbuds

The Sleepbuds are tiny, wireless, and discrete, designed to fit snugly and comfortably in the ears of any kind of sleeper (including side sleepers and those who tend to toss and turn during the night). Each kit comes with three pairs of earbud nodules in small, medium, and large. Instead of music, the buds deliver soft, soothing sounds scientifically designed to mask ambient background noise. The connected mobile app comes preloaded with ten selectable sounds that target relaxation and noise-masking. When it’s time to get up, wake-up alarms via the Bose Sleep app can be programmed to softly wake you without disturbing those around you.

The built-in batteries are good for 16 hours on a single charge, but the included carrying case provides not only protection but also an additional full charge. All in, it’s more than enough juice to carry you through even the longest of long-haul flights.

The company’s commitment to innovation — combined with the technology developed by Bose-owned, San Diego-based start-up Hush — lead to the creation of Sleepbuds. They’re an unusual turn from what you may usually find when looking for headphones, but the development follows suit with the direction Bose has been heading lately. Last year, the brand released the SoundWear wearable speaker for those who don’t like the feeling of headphones jammed in their ear and the conversation-enhancing Hearphones that amplify the sound of those talking around you while dulling background noise.

The Sleepbuds are now available via the official Bose website for $249.

To be clear, the Sleepbuds do not actually play music. If you’re looking for an alternative to listen to your tunes, check out these stylish and active headphone options.

Article originally published by Bryan Holt on December 3, 2017. Last updated by Mike Richard on July 27, 2018.

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