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A Disneyland-sized theme park is coming to … Oklahoma? (and former Disney creators are behind the design)

The new theme park will be Americana-themed

American Heartland Theme Park and Resort aerial
American Heartland Theme Park and Resort

Theme park lovers will want to pay attention — a new theme park, the size of Disneyland, is coming to Oklahoma. Located in Northeast Oklahoma, “American Heartland Theme Park and Resort” is expected to open in 2026 about 65 miles from Tulsa. Its anticipated location, nearby to the Tulsa International Airport, will make this theme park accessible for tourists coming from anywhere throughout the world.

The $2 billion dollar American Heartland Theme Park and Resort project is headed by Mansion Entertainment Group and will feature an Americana-themed atmosphere. For Disneyland, Disney World, or Six Flags enthusiasts, this means a new park worth adding to your bucket list. But what is this theme park all about?

About the American Heartland project

Plans for this massive 1,000-acre resort showcase an American-inspired park, featuring various “lands” within the park. Each region within the park will have its own atmosphere and theme. The project will include six American-themed lands within the park, which will include Great Plains, Bayou Bay, Big Timber Falls, Stony Point Harbor, Liberty Village, and Electropolis. Within each land, guests will be able to enjoy a combination of family-friendly rides, attractions, shows, entertainment, and eateries.

If you’re sensing a similarity between the plans for this park and Disney parks, you’re on the right track. American Heartland’s design team is made up of 20 skilled professionals, many of whom are former Disney park builders or Walt Disney Imagineers. How cool is that? While both the East Coast and West Coast have their own major theme parks, now the South-Central states will, too. Just as Orlando is associated with Walt Disney World, the Tulsa area of the “Sooner State” will soon be home to the American Heartland Theme Park and Resort.

In addition to the main park, the American Heartland project will also include a massive RV park, attracting road trippers from all throughout the region. An indoor water park is also in the plans, perfect for enjoying year-round. The RV park will include over 750 spaces and 300 cabins and is anticipated to be the biggest campground in the central U.S.

American Heartland Theme Park and Resort entrance
American Heartland Theme Park and Resort

Boosting tourism

The tourism industry in Oklahoma is already a major revenue stream, and this park will certainly enhance that. Oklahoma is looking at this project as a way to help create new jobs, expecting to create over 4,000 new jobs by the opening of the park in 2026. Not only are this park’s proposed plans unlike anything else in the area, but it’s expected to give the economy a much-needed boost in the region. Due to the mere size of this Disneyland-sized project, the park will open in phases with the RV park opening first in spring 2025 and the full theme park to open in 2026.

Preparing to visit

While it’s too soon to start preparing to visit American Heartland Theme Park and Resort, we’re certainly excited. The opening of this new Americana-themed park has the potential to attract tourists with varying interests and serve as a fun place for people of all ages. As the construction begins on this new park, we’re excited to see what other updates are to come.

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