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All 21 Six Flags Parks in the U.S., Ranked

Six Flags Magic Mountain California.

Six Flags is one of the best-known names in the amusement park game in the United States (if not the world, thanks to its catchy commercial song). The sheer number of different parks containing different rides, attractions, and more puts these destinations at the top of the list for thrill-seekers and families everywhere. Here, we’ve ranked all of the Six Flags parks in America, with brief notes about their placement. Ranking them was not an easy task, but hopefully, this list guides you to the best destinations for thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and fun-loving families.

According to Six Flags’ safety protocols, a face covering is not required if you’re fully vaccinated, though the park recommends masks for the unvaccinated. Whether you’re going to Six Flags by yourself or with your family, be sure to plan ahead, make a reservation, and exercise proper hygiene.

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Honorable Mention: Magic Waters Waterpark

Rockford, Illinois

People at the Magic Waters Waterpark.

In late 2018, Six Flags announced that it would take over operations of Magic Waters, which has been operating since 1984. The long-lived water park, while well-loved by the surrounding community, is pretty small and not (yet) branded as a Six Flags destination, which is why it only earns an honorable mention on our list.

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17. Tie: Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

Houston, Texas

Guests at a pool in Hurricane Harbor Splashtown.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown, nestled in the Spring suburb of Houston, became Hurricane Harbor Splashtown at the start of 2019. It is Houston’s largest waterpark, so Splashtown is definitely a draw for folks living in the area, but not much of an attraction for out-of-towners.

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17. Tie: Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona

A wall signage that says Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

Wet ‘N’ Wild Phoenix (formerly WaterWorld Safari and now Hurricane Harbor Phoenix after Six Flags bought the property — do you see a trend here?) is great for kids. However, due to its locality and focus on the young ones, as well as the lack of larger coasters, it is tied with Splashtown.

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17. Tie: Hurricane Harbor Concord

Concord, California

A bird's eye view of the Hurricane Harbor Concord.

While this family-friendly park has several interesting waterslides, they all end up being fairly generic and not the least enthralling for most adults. In early 2018, the park was rebranded from Waterworld California to Hurricane Harbor Concord, and with the new name came a new experience: Splashwater Island, an interactive playground.

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16. Frontier City and White Water Bay

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Steel Lasso at Frontier City.

Frontier City and White Water Bay are both operated by Six Flags as of 2018, so you can expect a similar experience. However, the overall vibe is a bit different from the larger Six Flags parks. Frontier City boasts a Western theme. Even coasters or rides that you might find in other parks feature a little extra twang. White Water Bay provides a familiar mix of soaking rides and family-friendly play areas.

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15. Six Flags Over Texas

Arlington, Texas

Guests riding the Batman The Ride at Six Flags Over Texas.

Plenty of character-based rides should keep the kiddos entertained all day long, but if you’re not into that vibe, you’ll be hard-pressed to have a good time. It’s a niche market that puts this park lower on our list. However, you should definitely check out the neighboring Hurricane Harbor (more on that in a bit).

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14. The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom

Lake George, New York

A bird's eye view of the The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom.

The cheesiness of the mostly aqua-based attractions leaves Splashwater lower on the list. Note: The Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark is technically considered a separate entity by the Six Flags system, but we’re lumping it in with Splashwater Kingdom because the resort can’t stand on its own when pitted against the bigger destinations.

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13. Six Flags Darien Lake


Woody's Whirlers at Six Flags Darien Lake.

The massive amusement park at Darien Lake has been passed from one owner to the next, but Six Flags is back at the helm. In 2019, Darien Lake was rebranded as Six Flags Darien Lake. Here, you’ll find rides such as Tantrum, which can reach 52 mph, and The Predator, New York’s largest wooden roller coaster. The property also includes a water park and amphitheater as well as camping and hotel accommodations.

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12. Six Flags America

Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Maryland

Guests at The Firebird at Six Flags America.

What’s great about this park is the diversity of rides (case in point, the apocalypse-themed roller coaster pictured above). What’s not so great is the mediocre thrill options compared to other parks. In our opinion, Six Flags America is middle-of-the-road when compared to the higher-ranking options.

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11. Six Flags New England

Agawam, Massachusetts

The New England SkyScreamer at Six Flags New England.

The Sky Screamer, aka the “World’s Tallest Ride,” is a gigantic swing that salvages this otherwise routine amusement park.

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10. Six Flags Great Adventure

Jackson, New Jersey

The Cyborg Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Great Adventure has a little bit of everything. There are plenty of activities for younger kids — including a wildlife-packed safari — and some for those a bit older, too. With this range in intensity, this park is one of the more manageable options for big groups or families. Six Flags eventually dropped “and Safari” from the park’s name, but you can still enjoy the wildlife attraction.

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9. Hurricane Harbor Arlington

Arlington, Texas

The Banzai Pipeline at Hurricane Harbor Arlington.

This Texas-based Hurricane Harbor is a resort-style theme park with decent separation between the thrill rides and easier options. Its large wading pool is a unique offering that elevates it above the middle of the pack. This park is in proximity to Six Flags Over Texas (No. 14).

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8. Six Flags St. Louis

St. Louis

Guests riding the Spinsanity at Six Flags St. Louis.

If your stomach doesn’t churn at the sight of Spinsanity, you’ve got a stronger constitution than we do. St. Louis is home to this thrilling ride, as well as a well-rounded bevy of the usual Six Flags culprits, earning it a spot at No. 8.

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7. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Vallejo, California

Guests riding the Cobra at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
There’s no better way to satisfy the animal lover in your life than with a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Who doesn’t love a 4D monkey experience? And the typical thrill-seeker won’t be disappointed by the roller-coaster selections. It’s also close to San Francisco, making it a plausible day trip.
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6. Hurricane Harbor New Jersey

Jackson, New Jersey

Colorful water slides at the Hurricane Harbor New Jersey.
New Jersey’s Hurricane Harbor is certainly one of the more competitive parks in the lineup. Plenty of multi-lane waterslides and tube adventures await just two hours south of New York City. This park is next to Six Flags Great Adventure (No. 10).
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5. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Los Angeles

The CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

At this park, about an hour north of Los Angeles, comic fans will get a thrill out of the theme rides while adrenaline junkies will love options such as Scream, Viper, Twisted Colossus, and X2. Magic Mountain is great when paired with the nearby Hurricane Harbor (read on).

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4. Six Flags Great America


The Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great America.

Vertical Velocity will take you from 0 to 70 mph in just four seconds. The ridiculously twisted X Flight lets you hang on the side of the track. Demon, originally called Turn of the Century, was one of the first coasters to boast a double corkscrew. All these reasons — and more — are why Great America is No. 4 on our list.

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3. Tie: Six Flags White Water


A bird's eye view of Six Flags White Water.

A 700,000-gallon wave pool puts this water park near the top of our list. The more relaxed tubing and wading areas are a nice reprieve from the Georgia heat and more exhilarating rides like Typhoon Twister and Gulf Coast Scream. Pair a visit here with Six Flags Over Georgia (more on that in just a sec).

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3. Tie: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

San Antonio, Texas

The Scream at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
When the weather is sweltering, there are few phrases better than the “world’s largest rocket blast water coaster,” which can be found in the water park portion dubbed White Water Bay. Iron Rattler is a terrifying and amazing wooden roller coaster, and we dare you not to scream on Scream, a free-fall drop from 205 feet.
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2. Six Flags Over Georgia


The Blue Hawk rollercoaster at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Water and land options abound, including Acrophobia, which drops riders 20 stories, and Blue Hawk, a mind-bending mess of loops and twists. The quality and variety of attractions put it one back from the top spot. Don’t forget to visit White Water (tied for No. 3).

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1. Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The Python Plunge at Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles.

Bonzai Pipelines drops into a 50-foot free-fall followed by another 200 feet of the slide until you reach the pool below. Black Snake Summit has four different record-breaking slides. Taboo Tower literally tries to tell you not to ride in its name. Need we say more? Hurricane Harbor in Los Angeles is the perfect cool down after a trip from Magic Mountain (No. 5), which is right across the street.

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