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Zendure’s SuperBase V Is Like No Other Power Station: EV Charging Is Here

This content was produced in partnership with Zendure.

The portable power station market is more competitive than ever, but Zendure is changing things up right out of the gate with the SuperBase V. Not only does it double as a home backup power solution — and portable power station — but it can also operate as an EV charger for cars, RVs, and beyond. It’s the ultimate companion for those going on a long road trip or trekking into the wilderness, but it’s also a necessary home appliance for keeping the power on during an outage. Especially thanks to the fact that it features a 6.4 to 64-kilowatt-hour capacity, which is massive for something of this caliber, and enough to power a plethora of devices and appliances.

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The SuperBase V can operate as a zero-downtime, uninterruptible power supply or UPS. What does that mean? When connected to your home grid, which is quite easy to do, it can continue supplying power to the electronics you need most. No more waiting for the power to come back during an outage. A single SBV unit can provide up to 3,800-watts of power, and two units can be chained together to increase the capacity up to 7,600-watts. That’s enough to power a home, and just about everything in it, with minimal lifestyle changes — such as a washer, dryer, heater, refrigerator, and more. You can also use the system to power devices wherever you want, like a projector and game console while outside in your yard, or power tools while doing some DIY projects. Charge mobile devices, small electronics, party equipment like outdoor speakers, and so much more. Or, as an EV charger, it can charge your vehicle for up to 20 miles of use in 1.6 hours, reinforced by level 2 charging, which is absolutely essential for when you just need to eke out enough juice to get home or reach a more substantial charging station. If you already have a gas generator hooked up to your sub-panel, you can swap out for the SuperBase V in under 60 seconds, and with a single cable. Perhaps more exciting is that the SuperBase V is more eco-friendly than traditional generators and produces no harmful emissions. Keep reading to learn why the SuperBase V is one of the most versatile power solutions to hit the market to date.

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Industry on the run: How the SuperBase V is personalizing power independence

Zendure SuperBase V setup and ready to roll and take out of the home.

Most comparable power stations, even the portable kind, are meant for a very specific set of circumstances, namely when the power goes out at home. Yes, a lot of them are suitable for off-grid use, but they also come with many limitations, like being unable to power certain devices, or only being able to charge or power a single device at a time. And you can forget EV charging or compatibility with an RV — that’s not common at all, at least not without something like Zendure’s SuperBase V, which is, frankly, one of the most versatile power solutions available.

Zendure wants every one of its customers to be truly power-independent and free of grid-based worries, and for good reason! Today’s power grid is growing increasingly unreliable in many ways, with blackouts, storm outages, and natural disasters wreaking havoc. Zendure’s SuperBase V makes it possible to keep your power on and your electronics running for days or even weeks at a time, no matter what happens. If you’re off-grid, living somewhere in the wilderness, or spending a little time away from civilization altogether, the SuperBase V is an excellent power solution for that too. Tack on the EV charging support, plus modularity and expandability thanks to Zendure’s Satellite Expansion Batteries, and it becomes apparent the SuperBase is a fully customizable power ecosystem.

Zendure SuperBase V - The Grid

With a Satellite Expansion Battery module, and solar power, paired with AC outlet power, the SuperBase V can charge at up to a maximum of 6.6-kilowatts. Plus, a 3,000-watt solar input means you can charge via connected solar panels relatively quickly and reliably. The 14 output ports, or outlets, allow you to connect to a wide range of electronics, devices, and appliances, with many plugged in and operating simultaneously. All of that is done safely, and made possible by another industry first: Zendure’s Semi-Solid-State technology. With more than 228-watt-hours per kilogram, Zendure’s expansion batteries have up to 42% more energy than comparable solutions. Plus, the battery management software accurately and safely handles power distribution and eliminates safety hazards in the event the units are damaged.

Instant power anytime, anywhere, however you need it

Zendure being used to charge EV vehicle with batteries attached in garage.

Let’s not forget that the SuperBase V is resting atop self-powered and sizable wheels so it’s easy to transport and move or deploy in various situations. Voice controls make adjusting the system convenient, with Alexa and Google Home compatibility. The time-of-use programming options allow you to reduce your energy bills when it’s hooked up to your home’s power sub-panel. There’s a lot to love here, but just as much if you’re spending time away from home — on the road or out in the wilds. It’s true power freedom and independence, with the option to get how much power you need, exactly how you want it.

It is one of the most portable and versatile EV chargers ever. Hook it up to your vehicle to charge up to 20 miles in 1.6 hours, reinforced by level 2 charging. You can double that mileage by adding Satellite Expansion Batteries, or grab the Zendure Smart Home Panel — available separately — to charge two vehicles at once and cut down on all of that waiting.

For van-living, RV travels, or outdoor use, you can add up to four Satellite Expansion Batteries to increase the capacity to 25.6-kilowatt-hours of energy storage, enough to supply just about any piece of gear you’d need. Those Satellite Batteries can even supply power to your RV independently and collect solar power with the right setup, and you don’t even need the main unit. Once you have the batteries and the SuperBase V, it’s completely modular, which is impressive, to say the least. Moreover, it’s great to know that if you make a mistake and leave the SuperBase at home, you can still make good use of those Expansion Batteries.

When is SuperBase V coming?

Zendure SuperBase V in front of Satellite Extra Batteries stacked.

If it sounds promising, and why wouldn’t it, you’ll want to know when and where you can grab the SuperBase V.

Recently, it made an appearance at the IFA 2022 tradeshow in Berlin, and will soon be available to pre-order on Kickstarter starting September 29th 9 AM PST.

This is one of the most exciting launches of a power solution we’ve seen in a while, merely because the SuperBase V is so versatile. You can use it at home, yes, but you can also use it on the road, off-grid, at the beach, in your yard, or just about anywhere you can think of. Plus, with EV charging support, you can use it to charge your vehicles, when you could already use it to power appliances, charge electronics, and much more. It’s difficult not to get excited about power independence, and always having that access to reliable, eco-friendly, and renewable energy — like solar. There will be no more living in the dark.

If you’d like to learn more about the Zendure SuperBase V and its Kickstarter campaign, you can always visit the Facebook group too.

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