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Get this Jackery portable solar generator while it’s 35% off

Person holding Jackery Explorer 300 in the woods.

Whether because of winter weather, a coming storm, or outdoor excursions, a portable power station is something worth keeping around the house. Jackery is one of the more popular brand names when it comes to portable power and solar generators, and the Jackery 300 portable power station is seeing a massive discount at Amazon today. You can grab it for just $229, which is a savings of more than $120 from its regular price of $350. Amazon is including free shipping as well.

Why you should buy the Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station

Jackery has several models that are always in contention to be one of the best portable solar generators. The Jackery Explorer 300 is a good entry-level to mid-level option. With this portable power station around you can get access to clean and unlimited solar energy. You can charge it simply by plugging it in, or by adding some solar panels to your portable power generating kit. It has an integrated MPPT controller that can speed up recharging, and that make this a great option for anyone looking to take some power with them on camping trips and other outdoor adventures. It comes in at just 7.1 pounds, so it travels easily an is almost always ready for road life.

There are a lot of great ways to put the Jackery Explorer 300 portable power station to use around the house. It can serve as a backup power source in the event that the power goes out. This makes it a good pickup if you live in areas with hurricane seasons or tornado seasons. It can also be something you keep in the car in case you run into a need for an AC outlet or some additional power. The Explorer 300 has two AC outlets that deliver stable and safe 300-watt power. It also has a 60-watt USB-C port, a fast-charging USB 3.0 port, one USB-A port, and one DC car port.

If you’re new to portable power you can read up on how to choose a portable power station. And if the Jackery Explorer 300 is right for your needs you can add it to your home, RV, or camping gear for just $229 with this deal at Amazon. This is a savings of $121 from its regular price of $350, and Amazon is including free shipping with a purchase.

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