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Zendure’s SuperBase Pro Is an IoT-Enabled Power Station That Packs a Punch

Get charged and get going. That’s a mantra many can live by, especially if you’re on the road, or camping out in the wilderness. During those scenarios, it’s always good to have a reliable power supply, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. It can leave you in a pinch when your phone or computer battery dies. Or, maybe you have power tools you need to use for a build, a coffee maker that needs energy, or any number of additional complications where portable power is an absolute must? That’s where a portable power station can come in handy, like Zendure’s charming SuperBase Pro 2000, a 2,096 watt-hour high-capacity system with up to 14 output ports — including AC, DC, USB-C, and more.

The 14 ports are not vanity ports either, and they sure pack a wallop. For example, the SuperBase Pro’s USB-C port offers 100-watts of power, enough to charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro at speeds comparable to a standard wall outlet. It eliminates the need to carry around a travel adapter or proprietary power brick. This thing offers plenty of energy to charge or power up whatever you need. It’s already equipped with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), as well! We’ll dig into more of its fantastic features shortly, and how it can be charged, but for now, just know that it’s on sale for $1,899 — normally $2,299 — exclusively for Digital Trends readers when you use coupon code DigitalTrends at checkout.

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One of the more promising features of the SuperBase Pro, and admittedly the most intriguing, is that it has built-in GPS and 4G IoT wireless connectivity. As long as you have a 4G signal available, you can manage your power station remotely, from just about anywhere. Through the intelligent app, you can receive remote status updates, control and configure various aspects of the power station, and take advantage of many advanced features like theft protection.

But the true test of a system like this, IoT-capable or not, is how much power it can deliver to your devices or appliances when you need it most. Before doing anything, you can charge the SuperBase Pro to up to 80% of its full capacity, in just one hour, using either a traditional AC outlet or solar energy via the appropriate setup. Solar arrays of any size, up to 1,800 watts, can be plugged into the system to charge it up. It takes about two hours to charge to full. That’s super helpful if you’re going off-grid and won’t be able to access conventional power anytime soon. Moreover, there are seven ways to charge this thing, from AC and DC outlets to solar, generator, auto, and EV-AC options.

The 2,000-watt AC output, with a surge up to 4,000-watts, allows you to power devices you normally wouldn’t be able to with something like this, including microwaves, washing machines, coffee makers, and beyond. That’s because, while the output is rated at 2,000-watts, it can also safely power devices that need up to 3,000-watts thanks to an AmpUp feature. Heavy-duty appliances, power tools, you name it, they’ll plug right in and work! It’s not just for outdoors, of course, it works great as a backup power supply and generator in your home, apartment, or living space too.

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 in apartment as backup power supply.

The ultra-portable suitcase-sized system rests on two industrial-grade wheels, with a telescopic aluminum handle that makes it easy to move around, especially thanks to its low center of gravity. If that sounds a bit too gimmicky, just know that you’ll be able to roll this power station right along behind you even on tough terrain, and it’s sturdy enough that you can stack or store other items on top. When you’re bugging out, or moving to a new campsite, that’s all pretty darn convenient.

Normally $2,299, you can order one right now at Zendure for $1,899 when you use code DigitalTrends at checkout. That’s a savings of $400 on just the power station alone. You can also order 200-watt solar panels, or a dustproof bag, both compatible with the SuperBase Pro. There’s a lot to love about this system, IoT included, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, off-grid, or in places where you truly need a portable power supply. Don’t sleep on this offer if you have any interest in backup power support, for home or away.

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