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This Outdoor Mini Power Station Just Got a Massive Price Cut

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When you’re preparing for a fun outdoor trip or vacation, it’s important to have all the right essentials. That means a great tent and camping gear but it’s also important to have a compact and reliable generator for those times when you need some power on the open road. An indispensable accessory, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is the ideal mini power station whether you’re planning on heading out on a road trip, looking to spend the weekend camping in the wilderness, or you’ve simply got a full day outdoors planned with your buddies. Right now, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is available for just $799 as part of HSN’s Today’s Special. A saving of $200, this is a fantastic time to buy one of the latest gadgets for less than usual. Here’s why we love it.

The EcoFlow DELTA mini is incredibly practical. Easy to carry, it provides all the convenience you could need when you don’t want to be restricted while out and about, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can handle any kind of power emergency. When you’re outdoors for a few days, you might be looking to get away from it all but you also want to know that you have the power to be able to cook easily or recharge your smartphone from time to time, too.

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In the case of the EcoFlow DELTA mini, it’s small yet mighty so it’s capable of powering 90% of the appliances you can think of (even a dishwasher although we doubt you’ll have one of those while camping!), along with all your camping and road trip essentials. It’s convenient when recharging too thanks to EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology which means it can be recharged from 0% to 80% in just an hour with a full recharge only taking 1.6 hours. An 882Wh capacity means it can keep your car fridge going for 12 hours or cook up three pots from your rice cooker, which could be pretty useful depending on your plans.

Easily adaptable, the EcoFlow DELTA mini also embraces EcoFlow’s solar panel technology and can accept solar input of 11-75V with the option to connect one 400W solar panel, two 160W solar panels, or three 110W solar panels. The choice is yours but it can be a huge help if you’re planning on an extended vacation out on the road and want to know you’ll never run out of juice.

Ordinarily priced at $999 and just launched, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is just $799 right now as part of HSN’s Today’s Special. It’s the ideal time to upgrade your portable power needs for less.

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