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New rewards program turns snowboard purchases into discounted snowboarding trips

Snowboarding and skiing just got a lot better with this new rewards program

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The toughest part about buying outdoor gear is finding time to use it. Evo, an online and physical outdoors retailer based in the Pacific Northwest, is launching evo Membership, a new rewards program that turns points earned on purchases into adventure trips.

Leaning into its evoTrip excursion program, customers will be able to earn points on three unique levels: green, blue, and black. Each level is representative of the amount you spend. Evo’s Membership program is free to join and immediately places you in the green category where you earn one point for every dollar spent and 50 free points on your birthday.

Blue-level evo Membership earns you one point for every dollar spent, ups the birthday gift to 75 points, and gets you 20 percent off in-store gear service and rentals. You also get 100 points for leveling up to Blue, a level you’re at only after spending $500.

If you spend $1,000 or more, you’ll level up again to black. Still earning one point for every dollar spent, you’ll get 200 points on your birthday, 200 points for leveling up to black, 25 percent off services and rentals, 10 percent off evoTrip excursions, invitations to exclusive events, and the chance to double the points you can earn on specific shopping days.

“It’s so exciting that now our customers, by doing what they love, can turn a new ski or snowboard purchase into helping fund backcountry laps in Whistler or Japan, or new mountain bike,” explained Bryce Phillips, founder, and CEO of evo.

Snowboard ready to wax
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You can start redeeming points when you reach 200 points ($20 off) and at 100-point intervals thereafter.

Evo Membership is an interesting concept that pays off almost immediately. Buy a snowboard and you’d get a 100-point kicker for entering the blue category – and $50 for a future purchase of boots, goggles, or whatever else you might need. You’ll also get 20 percent off your board waxing after a few runs!

Naturally, the black-level discounted trips are the holy grail, here. EvoTrip gets you outdoors and adventuring all year long with skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, trekking, and van-life trips around the globe. Ever snowboarded in Uzbekistan? You could with evoTrip, and it would be $340 off if you bought a new setup through evo and leveled up to black.

The only catch — if you even want to call it that — is that points expire if your account is inactive for over a year. Any purchase counts as an activity, as does travel via evoTrip, having gear serviced, and renting gear.

Evo has become one of the better online retailers for outdoor gear, and we really like that they have physical locations dotted throughout North America and Japan. We especially like those evo locations are often in destination locales like Whistler, Tahoe City, and Snoqualmie Pass as well as major cities like Seattle, Denver, and Portland. Funny how that works out.

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