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You can now design your own splitboard, courtesy of… Twix?

Twix has paired up with Olympian Maddie Mastro to create a split board; all it needs is your design!

The humble Twix. This confectionery world’s mainstay has long divided us between those who prefer the left and those who prefer the right — I’m talking Twixes here, not politics. But their new product, the Twix Cookie Dough, is all about bringing them together, lovers of left and lovers of right. And what represents the conjoining of left and right better than the sport of splitboarding?

Sure, on the uphill, you’ve got a left and a right section, but the ride’s true beauty starts when you bring the two together. Splitboarding is one of winter’s biggest sports, taking the thrill of snowboarding into the backcountry with deep powder, steep lines, and the potential for true adventure. Twix has paired up with Olympian Maddie Mastro to design a two-part splitboard. Maddie has designed one half, but the other half, well, that’s up to you.

The limited edition Twix Doughboard on a white background
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Twix Doughboard — as this limited edition splitboard will be named — currently features a retro-feel design inspired by a Twix logo from back in the day. Whether you choose to continue the feel and theme on the other half, come up with a complementary design that blurs the lines of transition, or hit them up with something completely left field that stirs up the pot is up to you. You’ve got until February 8 to enter at

We should point out here that this isn’t just any old splitboard. This two-part wonder will be handcrafted in Colorado, and while we can only speculate for now, those brands making snowboards over that way are some of the best around. This is going to be an absolute shredder. The winner of this competition, as well as getting their design featured on a limited edition snowboard, will be the first person to receive and test it out. All of this will take place at a ski resort in the US, where they will also get the chance to meet Maddie Mastro herself and see the two designs finally come together as one.

Later this year, Twix is going to be giving away one hundred of these snowboards on their website and at ski stores across the U.S. Keep your eyes open for the winning entry and to see how you can get your hands on the chance to bring the left and the right side together at last.

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