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Best Last-Minute Prime Day Cycling Deals for 2021

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The best remaining Prime Day cycling deals are still here to kick off your summer, so get your budget ready and start shopping now. Whether your shopping list starts with a new bike or even several new bikes, or if you still love your bike but want to gear up on accessories and apparel, you’ll find last-second Prime Day cycling sales in all categories of Prime Day deals that aren’t going to stick around for very long.

Although the event is over, this year’s Prime Day proved a prediction we made earlier this year. We predicted that Prime Day 2021 would not only be much bigger than last October’s delayed Prime Day 2020 but that this year’s sale would even have the most deals and the best sales ever. Even the last-minute Prime Day cycling sales are proving to be just as strong as other remaining Prime Day tent deals, Prime Day kayak deals, Prime Day camping deals, Prime Day fishing deals, and just about every outdoor sport or exercise you can think of. Plus, you can check out the ongoing Walmart Deals for Days sale for even more opportunities to save.

Best Prime Day Cycling Deals Still Available

As is the case in all big sales events, you won’t find every single model available during Prime Day 2021, especially since the event has wrapped and remaining products are last-minute deals. Some of the bikes and other last-second Prime Day cycling deals we found don’t have show-stopping prices. There are many factors involved in which items are put on sale and how deeply they are discounted. If you have your heart set on a specific color and size of a specific model and generation of bike, we sure hope you find it today. You’re more likely to have success if you identify a shortlist of maybe three to five products and price points for each item on your list. Hopefully, you already made that list so now you can shop on the last few hours of Prime Day. In the meantime, however, we’re tracking the fast-changing Prime Day cycling sales and will keep the list of the top deals up to date throughout Prime Day 2021. Here’s what’s out there now.

Should You Buy Cycling Gear with Last-Minute Prime Day Deals?

If you have any hesitations about buying any remaining last-minute Prime Day cycling deals, let them go. A few years ago, the general belief was that, while Prime Day cycling sales are good, Black Friday deals are the best. That common belief no longer holds.

If you look back at the deals during Prime Day 2019 and Black Friday 2019, there wasn’t that much difference overall. Especially with products that are purchased more often in the spring and summer, on average in 2019, Prime Day cycling sales matched or bested Black Friday prices. That sales event shift didn’t apply to all products in any category, even for cycling accessories. However, the greater trend with most spring and summer outdoor sports and exercise equipment and gear was that the Prime Day cycling sales were better than Black Friday cycling deals.

If you don’t actually need new cycling gear this year, we suggest you hold off and maybe put a budgeted sum in an account for next year. At some point, you will likely want a new bike or other expensive cycling equipment, and it will be amazing to have a chunk of cash already saved and allocated.

How to Choose Cycling Gear with Last-Minute Prime Day Deals

We know many of you are passionate about cycling as a sport. That passion drives you to bike daily, regardless of the weather, time of day, or sometimes even other obligations. We understand that being totally rational about your passions is difficult to the point of impossible.

But let’s give it a shot. This year’s remaining Prime Day cycling sales are tempting, we don’t question that. But your money will go further and you are more likely to be satisfied the day after if you carefully consider your desired features and uses for cycling gear. Do you exercise daily on your bike and need a durable ride that holds up to frequent use? If you are going to tour with your bike for a few weeks or months this year, will the bikes and accessories you’re considering hold up to the wear and tear to protect the bike, your other gear, and you? Do you want a bike that looks cool and rides easily on the beach? There are many more than just one definition of cycling, and if you’re not clear how you define it for your personal enjoyment, you’ll be shopping Prime Day cycling deals ready to be influenced by product photos and text.

With your highest priority and most frequent cycling needs in mind, the second step is to make a list (or lists). For every product on your list, choose three to five models (whether it’s for a mountain bike, a rain vest, a bicycle repair stand, racks, and bags, or whatever else). Shopping with a list derived from prioritized uses puts you firmly in control of the search for the best Prime Day cycling deals. If one item on your list isn’t on sale or isn’t available at all, you’ll have other choices already lined up.

Budget. Yeah. There are rumors that some people actually enjoy making and sticking to budgets. It’s rare that anyone thinks of passion and budget at the same time, but apparently, it happens for some.

Fortunately, most of us do have a modicum of control over our spending. Americans saved more than ever and paid down massive amounts of credit card debt during the worst days of the pandemic.

The most rational among us may always shop from a list and don’t spend over predetermined limits. Most of us let go once in a while, especially for outstanding deals. One of the best features of Prime Day in the summer and Black Friday in the fall is that you know those are the two times when prices on most goods will be the lowest of the year.

If you’ve been saving for these last-second Prime Day cycling deals and haven’t gone over your total Prime Day cycling sales budget, at least not for your total spend, experience shows that you’ll have the greatest chance of hitting a shopping trifecta: Scoring the products you want at the prices you hoped to pay and ending up with an intact budget.

Even if you don’t need or intend to buy new cycling gear this year, you can make a game out of shopping the Prime Day cycling deals today so you can be involved with your sport and hone your shopping skills. Make up a fantasy list of gear, choose specific products, including models, sizes, and colors, and then determine the sales prices you would look for if you really were shopping. Even though you won’t end up with new gear, if you play the game and stick to the rules, you can test your shopping skills and be immersed in your sport. Perhaps you can find buddies who’ll play the game with you, and you can figure out a way to have a contest with prizes for the person who came closest to finding gear at hoped-for prices, the person who would have saved the most money overall, and the person who would have saved the most money on a single item. Practice can get you ready for Black Friday or even next year’s Prime Day.

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