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The Best Prime Day Fishing Deals 2021: Last Chance Deals

The fishing season doesn’t stop when calendar flips the page to October. You just change how you fish when the temperatures start to plummet. Early mornings on the water transition to dropping a line through a hole in the ice. Regardless of the season, fishing enthusiasts want to snag a good deal as much asa they want to hook a prized catch. Amazon Prime Day 2020 might be over but there are still fishing deals you can grab. During this year’s Prime Day Deals, we’ve seen discounts on everything and anything you would need for your next fishing expedition. If you’re looking to save or gifting the fishing enthusiast in your life, we’ve highlighted the best fishing deals below.

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Today’s Best Prime Day Fishing Deals

  • Flambeau Tackle Box$11, was $19
  • $12, was $25
  • — $37, was $56
  • — $40, was $45
  • $54, was $65
  • — $73, was $90
  • $75, was $85
  • — $90, was $97
  • — $90, was $100
  • $125, was $160
Expires soon

100 Piece Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit

$6 $7
Use these weights to change depths when fishing. Round and made of lead, these sinkers are designed to reduce drag.
Expires soon

BlueFire Fishing Rod Kit

$41 $43
This fishing rod made of carbon fiber by BlueFire is easy to carry no matter where you bring it. The fishing kit comes with a fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing line, lures, hooks, and a carrying bag.
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Expires soon

77 Piece Fishing Lures Kit Set

$18 $22
This kit has lures that will catch bass, trout, and salmon. Good for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Expires soon

Fishing Landing Net with Telescoping Pole

$10 $12
This fishing net extends to 50 inches when fully extended so you can scoop up your big catch from a distance.
Expires soon

Pro Retriever Bowfishing Reel

$90 $120
This reel eliminates arrow retrieval with its no-tangle, canister-line feed.
Expires soon

Fishing Lures for Bass and Trout

$17 $23
These lures are multi-jointed so their movements are realistic. Realistic eyes and slow sinking make fish think these lures are real fish.
Expires soon

iMountek Fishing Trap Net

$22 $27
This net has six sides with a hole each, allowing fish, crab, lobster, and more to easily get baited into the trap. It's lightweight and foldable for easy packing during fishing trips.
Expires soon

ZACX Fishing Pliers

$27 $32
Very light in weight, these fishing pliers are perfect for long hours of fishing. They are resistant to corrosion and is okay to use for both harsh saltwater and freshwater.
Expires soon

Muzzy Bowfishing 1069 XD Pro Spin Style Reel

$77 $90
The stainless steel reel with elongated hood design is great for better retrieval. You'll get a visual indication of the reels position. to take on big fish (up to 150 lbs)!
Expires soon

Fishing Line Winder Spooler Machine

$50 $53
This tool helps you load your reel with your favorite line without assistance from someone else.
Expires soon

Garmin GPS Fishfinder with Chirp Traditional Transducer

$107 $120
Finding fish is way simpler with the Garmin GPS Fishfinder with a high-performing sonar transducer. With its convenient keypad operation and built-in GPS, you can easily mark and return to hot spots.
Expires soon

EEEkit Black Silver Fishing Fish Hook Hooks, 10 Sizes, 50 Pieces

$11 $16
These EEEkit hooks are suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing. They're very sharp, highly durable, and resistant to corrosion.
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Expires soon

PLUSINNO Fishing Tackle Storage Backpack

$28 $39
Durably stitched and water-resistant, this fishing backpack is tough enough for various fishing styles. It's ultra lightweight and can even transform from a backpack to a sling shoulder back.

When Are The Best Prime Day Fishing Deals?

Amazon tends to reserve the best deals for Prime Day, but there is no guarantee that if something stands out it’ll still be there the next day (many deals are lightning deals or for one-day-only) so don’t hesitate. If you find an item that is on sale, it’s best to act fast because of the ongoing shipping delays that we’ll see. October is the new November when it comes to holiday gifting. If you want to get a fishing gift or a camping gift and receive it in time for the holidays, now is your chance. If the product you’re looking for does gets a steeper price cut later on, you can always return your first purchase and buy it again if it is cheaper.

Where to find best camping deals

If you’re someone who loves camping and being outdoors Prime Day has the best deals on camping gear, tents, kayaks, and of course fishing gear. Fishing deals run the gamut from very affordable lure kits to pricey electronic fish finders. You’ll find discounts on rods, reels, rod/reel combos, and more. Even knives and fishing vests will see their prices slashed. As always, older inventory will see the most significant price reductions, while newer products will be discounted for shorter times during flash sales. Most outdoor retailers and brands can be found on Amazon but other merchants will also be running competing Amazon prices. Remember, these flash sales are fleeting, so watch the deals closely and grab them before they are gone.

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