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Beat the cold with the 6 best heated jackets in 2024

Looking to add an extra layer of warmth to your body during your outdoor adventures? Look no further than a heated jacket. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, camping, snow shoeing, snowmobiling or hiking, heated jackets will keep you extremely warm and cozy with their discreet and unnoticeable wires that use battery to to generate heat. You’ll receive total warmth protection from these wires that are wrapped in the lining and insulation of the jacket and are not visible. The best part? These heated jackets look and feel exactly like a regular winter coat.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter, a heated jacket is something you should seriously consider adding to your closet. It is great for any active pursuits because it will be providing you with built-in electric heating that is not harmful to your body. We’ve rounded up six of’ the best heated jackets on the market to help you stay warm in any circumstance. We’ve listed the pros and cons for each jacket as well as the specs and specifications that will allow you to make an informed purchasing decision.

The best heated jackets in 2024

  1. Buy the Weston Men’s Zip Hoodie if you want a discreet looking coat.
  2. Buy the Action Heat 5V Rechargeable Battery Heated Work Jacket if you want a jacket to wear to work.
  3. Buy the ORORO Men’s Dual Control Heated Jacket if you want weather the storm.
  4. Buy the DEWBU Heated Jacket for Men if you want style and warmth.
  5. Buy the iHood Men’s Heated Jacket if you want six different heat zones.
  6. Buy the Venustas Men’s Heated Jacket with Battery Pack if you want a puffer style jacket.

Weston Men’s Zip Hoodie Jacket

Pros Cons
  • Machine washable
  • Offers three adjustable heat settings
  • Looks like regular zip-up hoodie
  • Only two color options available

No one will know you are wearing a heated jacket while you have this Weston Men’s Zip Hoodie Jacket on. It is available in gray and black color options and sizes range from small to XXL. This jacket features a rechargeable battery that lasts eight hours on low, four hours on medium and two to three hours on high. It will deliver heat instantly to your core, chest and mid-back, which will keep your entire body at an optimal temperature.


Battery Rechargeable 5V
Highest Temperature 130 degrees Fahrenheit

Action Heat 5V Rechargeable Battery Heated Work Jacket

Pros Cons
  • Constructed of heavy duty canvas material
  • Touch button temperature control
  • Features LED light
  • Takes a few minutes to heat up
  • Only available in two color options

If you are looking for a quintessential work coat that provides additional heat, the Action Heat 5V Rechargeable Battery Heated Work Jacket is ideal for you. It is great for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the colder weather with its water-resistant and durable material and fleece lining interior. You’ll feel warm wearing this jacket even without the heating feature turned on. The battery offers a USB charging port that fits neatly into the jacket’s pocket.


Battery Action Heat 5V Power Bank with USB charging kit
Highest Temperature 150 degrees Fahrenheit

ORORO Men’s Dual Control Heated Jacket

ORORO Men's Dual Control Heated Jacket with 5 Heat Zones, Up to 20 Hours of Warmth
Pros Cons
  • Five different heating zones
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Battery lasts for 20 hours
  • Slim-fit style

With a three-piece adjustable and removable hood, this jacket is perfect for all types of inclement weather and outdoor activities. Combine that with adjustable cuffs with velcro and drawstring at the hem and you’ve got yourself a jacket that will keep you warm and cozy no matter what. This jacket features fleece lining that offers an additional layer of warmth and softness even before you turn on the heated battery pack. Plus, it has a few extra heating zones compared to other jackets we found such as arm heating, core heating and back heating.


Battery ORORO rechargeable battery
Highest Temperature 130 degrees Fahrenheit

DEWBU Heated Jacket for Men

DEWBU Heated Jacket for Men with 12V Battery Pack Winter Outdoor Soft Shell Electric Heating Coat
Pros Cons
  • Available in six different colorways
  • Great customer reviews
  • Features intelligent constant temperature system
  • Low battery life

If style is on the top of your mind when purchasing a new heated jacket, the DEWBU Heated Jacket For Men is a functional and fashionable option. It offers three temperature modes and five heat zones that are powered by multiple supply methods. It is available in sizes small to 3X and colors including gray, olive green, dark blue and black camouflage.


Battery DEWBU 12V Battery
Highest Temperature 140 degrees Fahrenheit

iHood Men’s Heated Jacket

Men's Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood, Waterproof Winter Outdoor Heating Jackets for Men (Battery Pack Included)
Pros Cons
  • Six heat zones
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • 12 functioning pockets
  • Not as popular as other jackets on this list

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want a quality product, the iHood Men’s Heated Jacket was made for you. It offers a 35% larger heating area than other jackets with six heat zones including chest, back, neck, abdomen and waist. It features a 4-in-1 switch control that helps you control the temperature at each heat zone. It can survive any type of weather or activity with its scrape resistant material that will let you enjoy your time outdoors without any worry.


Battery iHood 12V Q
Highest Temperature 158 degrees Fahrenheit

Venustas Men’s Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

Venustas Heated Jacket with Battery Pack 7.4V (Unisex), Heated Coat for Women and Men with Detachable Hood
Pros Cons
  • Heats up instantly
  • Puffer jacket style
  • Six heating zones
  • Doesn’t list exact temperatures

If you like to keep things simple, opt for this puffer jacket that doubles as a heated jacket. It features six heating zones from the waist up including your shoulders, chest, mid-back and collar. This unisex style is great for both men and women who spend time in the cold outdoors with its new Mylar thermal lining and detachable and adjustable hood.


Battery Type C & USB charging ports
Highest Temperature N/A

How we chose these heated jackets

We searched through tons of heated jackets to find the best options for every outdoor adventurer. We focused on the needs of each consumer to determine which jackets were the best and most likable. Will you be using this while skiing? While snowmobiling? Will this jacket be layered with other clothes? What specific area of the body do you want the most heat? Those are some of the questions we answered when selecting these six heated jackets.

Price point

We wanted to include heated jackets that fell under a wide range of price points. You won’t find anything less than $100 because we wanted to find high-quality, durable and long-lasting jackets that you can wear everyday. Some of these might be a splurge, but a few are available at extremely reasonable price points for the features and technology that they include.

Battery power

It is important that these heated jackets last for a long period of time so we selected options that will keep you warm for hours on end. This is one of the most vital things to consider when purchasing a heated jacket and will largely depend on your needs, activities and wants. You might also need to buy additional battery packs for added warmth and versatility.


Not everyone cares about the style and design of their jacket, but it was important for us to include various materials, fits and colors to pick from. Depending on your preferences, you might want a more fashionable heated jacket option or one that is more versatile and rugged to go along with your outdoor activities.

Victoria Garcia

Victoria is a NYC based editor and writer that writes about everything from beauty and fashion to tech and home products.

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