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You can stand in this unique high-roof teardrop trailer (and it sleeps four)

With more than six feet of headroom, it's more like a spacious "teardrop-and-a-half" travel trailer

Side view of Bend Teardrop's new Tall Boy Stand-in teardrop travel trailer.
Bend Teardrop

Teardrop travel trailers are the quintessential camper for minimalists looking to safely tow everything they need and nothing they don’t. But their diminutive size is a double-edged sword. They’re lightweight, affordable, and easy to tow, but they’re tight—often very tight—on space. Bend Teardrop is looking to change that with a high-roof small camper trailer designed to make teardrop life a little easier (and roomier).

Get the low-down on Bend Teardrop’s Tall Boy stand-in teardrop travel trailer

Side view of Bend Teardrop's Tall Boy high-roof teardrop travel trailer.
Bend Teardrop

The 6×12 Tall Boy is a unique animal. It’s definitely not a traditional travel trailer, but it’s not quite a teardrop trailer, either, even if it does closely resemble one. Think of it as a “teardrop-and-a-half.” In fact, Bend designed the Tall Boy with essentially the same “bones” as its stretched 6×12 teardrop model. However, the increased ceiling height makes for a more livable interior space that more closely resembles an ultra-compact travel trailer than a genuine teardrop. The scant 2,000-pound dry weight also ensures it’s easily towable by most mid-size cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Convertible sofa/bunk beds inside Bend Teardrop's Tall Boy high-roof teardrop trailer.
Bend Teardrop

Stepping through the full-size door reveals a generous six feet, three inches of standing room. Because the roofline doesn’t sweep down and back as aggressively as a traditional teardrop, most of the interior space features that same expanded headroom throughout. Across from the entry is a convertible sofabed lounge, making the Tall Boy a far better solution for WFA (work-from-anywhere) digital nomads looking for a mobile live-work teardrop that doesn’t require working on their laptop from bed. After dark, the couch is converted to twin bunk beds, which, when coupled with the permanent sleep space at the rear, provides enough space for four adults. Reading lights, a small TV, and a rooftop vent are also standard. Like a traditional teardrop, there’s not much more to the interior. It’s purpose-built to be clean, functional, and cozy. (Bend Teardrop recently started selling mobile saunas, too, and there’s a whiff of that aesthetic inside the wood-heavy Tall Boy.)

Interior of Bend Teardrop's Tall Boy teardrop travel trailer.
Bend Teardrop

Campers will find the galley kitchen around the back of the trailer. Popping the tailgate reveals a similarly clean space that’s intended for owners to build out as they see fit. The stock Tall Boy comes with a sink basin, plus three tiers of shelving and a large countertop. Appliances, like compact camp stoves, portable fridges, and the like, are up to the owner’s imagination. One cool feature is a speakeasy-style passthrough pocket door that allows anyone outside to grab snacks or a beer for those inside who might not feel like putting shoes or pants on.

While the interior and galley might seem pared-down, Bend does outfit the stock Tall Boy with a solid list of features typically sold as optional on its other models. A two-inch hitch receiver, brake system, and rear stabilizer jacks are all standard. The power system includes an AC shore power hookup for in-town camping at full-service campgrounds, while the included 200-watt rooftop solar system keeps things humming while venturing off-grid.

Spec your own Tall Boy teardrop travel trailer

Outdoor tailgate kitchen of Bend Teardrop's Tall Boy travel trailer.
Bend Teardrop

Bend debuted a prototype of the Tall Boy last fall, but the good news is that it’s available now with a starting price of $18,995. Ticking all of the option boxes — including the onboard battery system with inverter, climate control module, side-mounted exterior awning, and shore water hookup — pushes the all-in price up a few grand. It’s definitely pricier than a traditional tear drop camper. But, if you’re looking for just a little more space and can’t justify splashing out on a pricier lightweight travel trailer, this might be your man.

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