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Lumin Prime Day 2020 Sale: Save 30% off Some of the Best Men’s Grooming Products

It’s hard to find quality skincare at a reasonable price, which is why we’ve been head over heels about Lumin, a relatively new grooming brand that delivers some seriously effective products at a fraction of the price of luxury skincare lines. Now, the brand’s age-defying potions just got cheaper, thanks to its new Prime Day promotion on October 13 and 14. Simply enter code PRIMEDAY2020 upon checkout for 30% off any purchase.

That’s already major savings for a brand that prides itself on affordability. For example, a premium cleanser would cost you at least $30, while Lumin’s Charcoal Cleanser starts at $13 (and that’s before the Prime Day discount).

Beyond price, our love for Lumin is multifold: the brand uses premium ingredients, most of its products are unscented (great for men with sensitive skin), and most importantly: they work. Which is why we can’t stop giving them awards. Ahead are some of our favorite Lumin products to cop during the two-day sale extravaganza.

Lumin The Complete Collection — $65, was $85

Don’t know where to start? Try the starter pack, which includes a six-step grooming routine featuring a serum, moisturizer, cleanser, and more potions to help fend off the signs of aging, or at least help your tired mug look a bit more fresh in the morning (which these days, we all could use). This also makes a great grooming gift for that special man in your life.

Lumin Charcoal Pore Strip 10 Pack — $11, was $16

These days most of us probably can’t get to a facialist, which is why we’ve been reaching for these tough-as-nails pore strips, which remove gunk and blackheads from your nose, so your skin can feel squeaky clean and blemish free.

Lumin Repairing Face Mask — $11, was $16


Just slap this ultra soothing mask on for 15 minutes to let it do its magic. A team comprised of Vitamin B3, ginger extract, and hyaluronic acid help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemish. Use at least once a week for noticeable results.

Lumin Dark Circle Defense — $16, was $24

Lumin Dark Circle Defense

One of our favorite eye creams, Lumin’s Dark Circle Defense helps fend off tired eyes and puffiness with key ingredients like caffeine and lemon extract.

Lumin Keratin Recovery Shampoo — $8, was $11

The California-based company recently entered the haircare industry with its new fleet of grooming products, and its keratin shampoo has been a standout, thanks to all-star ingredients like tea tree oil, ceramide, and peppermint oil to nourish strands and help promote hair growth. A possible solution for men with thinning hair (which is most of us after we turn 30 years old).

Make sure to enter PRIMEDAY2020 upon checking out so you receive your 30% discount. Check out our Grooming Awards 2020 for more of the best grooming products for men.

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