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What to Drink During Pride Month and Beyond

There are so, so many things to do during Pride month. While you should be dancing in the streets and supporting organizations fighting the good fight, you should also be raising a glass in the name of LGBTQ+ equality. Fortunately, we have just the drinks that fit the important part.

We’ve rounded up some of the best drinks to toast the occasion, from wines and spirits to a few nonalcoholic options. Not only are these well-made options worthy of your glass, but they’re either owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community or those actively helping aid-related causes. These are brands that give back, either through financial donations or awareness, showing the drinks world — and the world at large, for that matter — both the importance of this kind of brand leadership and the need for much more.

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Granted, these brands dot the American map from Colorado to Rhode Island. Luckily, many states allow direct-to-consumer shipping or have bottle shops that might carry the goods (and if they’re not there yet, ask that they be). As you look to celebrate Pride, here are some beverages to keep on your radar.

Still Austin Whiskey Company

Still Austin Bees Knees Cocktail
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This Texas distillery does fine work, especially in the whiskey and gin categories. There’s gay leadership abound, from CEO Chris Seals to master blender Nancy Fraley. Those living in the Austin area ought to note that the brand is hosting its second-annual Pride pop-up on June 25.

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Remy Wines

A portrait of Remy Drakbin
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Oregon producer Remy Wines is responsible for lovely Italian-inspired wines. The Dayton tasting room is a great stop for anybody visiting the Willamette Valley. Queer founder Remy Drabkin has become an industry icon, beloved to the point of becoming interim mayor in her hometown of McMinnville (and soon to almost certainly be voted in for good, thereby making history).

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Gary Farrell Wines

A bottle of Gary Farrell Olivet Lane Vineyard Chardonnay
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Responsible for some of the most elegant chardonnay and pinot noir in northern California, Gary Farrell Wines are engineered by lesbian vintner Theresa Heredia. These are gems worthy of a celebratory occasion like Pride or aging for a momentous toast in the future. The brand has long supported human rights campaigns, many directly related to LGBTQ+ causes.

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New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewing Hemporer HPA bottle and glass
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New Belgium Brewing has backed the LGBTQ+ fight for two decades and counting, hiring the first diversity and inclusion specialist in the craft beer realm. The Colorado brewery defends the community from discriminatory public policy and has earned incredible marks for inclusivity in terms of workplace environment. Not bad for one of the most well-known breweries in craft land.

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ANXO Cider

A can of Transcontinental ANXO cider
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Washington D.C. cider house ANXO backs all things Pride, turning out a special edition cider every June. Better, some proceeds go toward the Human Rights Campaign. If you like cider that covers the entire spectrum of flavor and style, from crisp and sessionable to fuller and complex, ANXO has your bases covered.

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House Wine

A can of House Wine rainbow bubbles
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One of the biggest players in the canned wine movement also gives back in the name of LGBTQ+ rights. House Wine is a purveyor of accessible table wines, often boxed or served in aluminum. That means you can celebrate just about anywhere, whether an impromptu picnic at the park or a lazy afternoon atop a pool floaty.

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Fullsteam Brewery

Fullsteam Brewery hammock shot from Facebook
Facebook/Fullstream Brewery

Based in North Carolina, Fullsteam Brewery is all about propping up the Southern beer scene, sourcing regional ingredients and thereby supporting nearby farmers. The brewery supports the LGBTQ+ movement in-house by selling Pride merchandise all year, hosting queer artists, and brewing specialty beers that help fund the cause. It also outwardly voices support and battles exclusionary legislation. Cheers!

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Cool Cat Wine

A pair of Cool Cat wine spritzers
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Wine spritzer specialists since 2020, Cool Cat is gay owned and operated. It’s one of the most refreshing drink styles out there, made for the coming heat waves. On top of exploding onto the scene and partnering with big-name outfits like the San Francisco 49ers and New York Mets, the brand is donating $10,000 to the LGBTQ+ Center in New York this year.

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Rhode Island Spirits

The lineup from Rhode Island Spirits
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Rhode Island Spirits is a maker of tasty clear spirits and a family of liqueurs. It’s a company owned and operated by a gay couple, not just from an oversight standpoint but in terms of distilling, too. The couple does an excellent job of foraging local ingredients, giving its gin and other products a real sense of terroir.

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Pink House Alchemy

A Pink House Alchemy drink.
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Arkansas’s own Pink House Alchemy makes fresh shrubs, syrups, and bitters perfect for your cocktail or mocktail enjoyment. The LGBTQ+-owned and run company is donating some of its proceeds from cocktail kits to the local nonprofit The Trevor Project. The company is involved in festivities and charity events all month long and is responsible for some of the best mixing ingredients you’re likely to find, ideal for your home bar.

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Proteau botanical drink being poured into a glass

If you like zero-proof botanical drinks, Proteau is for you. It was launched by John deBary, an esteemed mixologist and NA drinks entrepreneur who also happens to be gay. The bottles are beautiful and the liquid inside lives up to the look — complex enough to be enjoyed for their detail, sipped neat, or served alongside a host of complementary dishes.

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