The Manual’s Ultimate Guide to Day Drinking

day drinking

Ah, day drinking. It happens on holidays, while tailgating, or if you’re serious about it, any time you freakin’ want to (we’re a proponent of this last one). It is the true sport of kings, putting baseball, football, and any other sport out there to shame. No sports game (sans a cricket match) lasts as long as a good bout of day drinking. Day drinking isn’t easy, though. You can’t just have at it and expect to have a good time. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to extend your buzz and make sure you’re not passed out by two in the afternoon while your friends eagerly search for the nearest Sharpie.

Create a strong foundation

If you plan to drink from morning to night, you need to start off strong. Make a good, hearty breakfast to give you a good base from which to work from. Bacon, eggs, anything fried—all of this will help pad your gut for when you start your day. Not a chef? Go to Dennys. Drink your coffee, eat your hash browns, and get ready to be a champion.

breakfast for champions

Plan your playlist

Ever been at a party where the music blows? The dude hosting the party would give anything to spend four minutes with Coldplay and his music reflects that. Even if you’re amped up and ready before you get to the party, after about twenty minutes you’re looking at your watch or trying not to pass out on the couch. If music is going to be part of your day drinking adventure—and it should be, because good music makes any event better—make the playlist good. Make it something people can shout along to, something they can “dance” to, something that after eleven beers people believe they actually are part of the band, taking the bottle of Cuervo and using it as a microphone to belt off-key renditions of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits.

Know your booze

Know the booze you’re bringing and make sure you’re keeping track of this kind of stuff. It’s one thing to drink Bud Lights all day long. It’s a whole different ball game if you think drinking straight whiskey from morning to night is a smart idea. Think about the ABV of what you’re drinking and string the drinks along in proper amounts for your tolerance. Remember, they’re called session beers for a reason.

day drinking

Pace yourself

Seems obvious, right? Everyone has heard this from the first time they ever showed up at a frat party, worrying if the cops were going to storm it and steal their Solo cup. Don’t go hard right at 8am. If you’re going to have a shot, great, do it up, but multiple shots before ten? Probably not the best idea. Again, think about the ABV of the alcohol you’re drinking for the day and try and plan around it.

Water, water everywhere

Stay hydrated. You may not want to drink water, but do it anyway. It’ll prolong your day and hell, it’ll help the next day, too. Future self will thank you.

drinking water staying hydrated

Plan snacks and meals

Same thing as steps 1 and 6. Food is essential during a long day of drinking. You don’t want to take away from your buzz by having anything too heavy, but you need something in your stomach. Snacking on things like chips and salsa or guacamole are great as they are carbs and fats, but if an actual meal like burgers or hot dogs or ribs is going to be served, get yourself a plate. If you’re not hungry, tell your drunk self you need it and eat something, anyway.

Put your phone somewhere safe

They say that nothing good happens after midnight, but when you are day drinking, your midnight might be 3 in the afternoon. Friendships, relationships, and phone contracts have all been rent asunder by long days of drinking. Not only is it a practical thing—do you really want to spend all of the next day waiting to see if your iPhone dries out in a bag of rice after you dropped it while playing beer pong?—but you can avoid some serious drunk text idiocy if you just put it somewhere safe. Think back to those college parties: how many times did it really work out for you to text and drink?