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Spritz Society sparkling cocktails review: These canned drinks are perfect for summer

These incredibly delicious cocktails will have you sparkling all summer

Spritz Society Sparkling Cocktails
Lindsay Parrill/The Manual

The world of sparkling cocktails and seltzers is a screaming hot one. These drinks have been around for a few years now, and there’s zero turning back, it would seem. People everywhere have absolutely fallen in love with a canned adult beverage that doesn’t have to be beer, tastes incredible, comes in a variety of flavors, and — more often than not — has fewer calories than other boozy options. Yes, canned cocktails and hard fizzy seltzers are here to stay, like it or not. The problem now, though, is that with nearly every single alcohol brand jumping on the bandwagon, the market is more than saturated with choices. And while it’s good to have options, the sheer amount of hard seltzers and sparking cocktails in the liquor aisle can make your head spin well before you’ve even cracked a can. So we’re here to help spotlight one of the best ones on the market.

Spritz Society is a canned cocktail brand that uses natural ingredients to create delicious adult beverages that are both pure in taste and in integrity. Spritz Society boasts on its website, “We make our cocktails as delicious as possible. Because taste matters. Our ingredients naturally work together to create flavors we’re proud of.”

And those ingredients are simple. Their (exquisite) Grapefruit flavor, for example, contains only sparkling water, white wine, natural flavors, cane sugar, and citric acid. In addition to that goodness, each sparkling cocktail has a 100 percent white wine base, unlike so many other Seltzer brands that use malt liquor, a fermented malt alcohol base.

This simplicity of flavor and purity of ingredients comes across beautifully in each of the brand’s fruity flavors, including Blood Orange, Peach, Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Lemon. Of these flavors, every single one is true to itself without a hint of artificial flavor.

Spritz Society Sparkling Cocktails
Lindsay Parrill/The Manual

Reminiscent of a real white wine spritzer one might be served at a garden party, there isn’t a trace of the chemical harshness found in other brands. Easily (dangerously) drinkable, these cocktails are smooth and have just the perfect amount of fizz that won’t fall flat. Refreshingly blending the perfect mixture of sweetness and tart, each flavor tastes exactly as its name suggests, with effervescent bubbles releasing hints of fruit and wine with each burst.

And while the price point might be slightly higher than its more chemical-filled, stale-tasting competitors, the extra few dollars will be well spent for a flavor and experience that is truly beyond comparison to other drinks in the same lane. Conveniently, Spritz Society’s subscription service does offer a considerable discount with exclusive subscriber perks, so you will never have to be more than an arm’s reach away from one of these delicious drinks.

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