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Pork roll and everything bagel infused vodka is either genius or madness

Not gonna lie, I would absolutely drink this in a Bloody Mary

3BR Distillery

While most cocktails lean toward fruity or bitter flavors, there has always been an interest in savory cocktails too. From the brunch classic Bloody Mary to the trend for fat-washing spirits to impart a rich, meaty note to drinks, there has long been room for a broad range of flavors to mix with. Recent years have even seen a few attempts to create liquors which capture the essence of favorite snack foods, though these have often been light-hearted promotional items rather than serious attempts to craft snacks into cocktails.

Now, though, unconventional New Jersey-based outfit 3BR Distillery is pushing the flavor boat truly out to sea with a new pork roll liqueur. Named 011 PEC ON EVERYTHING, it is an infused vodka which aims to capture the flavors of the classic pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich.

Head distiller at the brand, Aleksandr Zhdanov, has seen 3BR come up with creations like a gin infused with mushroom and garlic, or a moonshine-based spirit distilled from peas. He decided to try his hand at capturing the essence of New Jersey’s favorite breakfast sandwich.

The liquor “was crafted to evoke the full experience of the classic sandwich,” the brand writes. “It combines distilled everything bagel seasoning, a touch of malt rye extract, and distilled pork roll. To complete the flavor profile, lactose sugar is added to achieve the creamy texture reminiscent of melted American cheese. The result is a liqueur that delivers a rich, savory taste, perfect for New Jerseyans and curious foodies alike.”

It sounds honestly kind of fascinating, and it could go in a breakfast Bloody Mary or even make a wild dirty martini. It goes on sale tomorrow, June 28, and can be purchased online.

Georgina Torbet
Georgina Torbet is a cocktail enthusiast based in Berlin, with an ever-growing gin collection and a love for trying out new…
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