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ManCan is the Indestructible Beer Container You Need

There is no shortage of ways to store your beer, There are cans and bottles (obviously), crowlers and growlers, and, of course, you can just store it in your stomach, having consumed the sudsy treat with all the joy of a kid in a candy store (or a guy at a tailgate, in this instance). While the former two are not going anywhere, and the third will literally always be with you, there comes a time when you’re going to need more than a 12- or 16-ounce container — and one that isn’t made of glass, as every public place ever frowns on bringing glass bottles. Crowlers are great, but if you don’t plan on drinking all of the beer at once (this is a hypothetical “if”), then you need a way to reseal the container.

This is where a product like ManCan comes in. Made from the same metal that beer kegs are formed from (304 stainless steel), these growlers are virtually indestructible and keep your beer fresh until you’re done with it (again, that “if” before was hypothetical).

If you’re sitting there going, “Yeah! I’m in the market for one of those”, check out the different products that ManCan produces below. They’ve got a couple different sizes and options, depending on what exactly you plan on doing with your beer.

Grab ‘N’ Go Growler – $30

The flagship product for the company, the Grab ‘N’ Go Growler holds 64 oz of hoppy, malty (or sour, or crisp or, or, or …) goodness while still being slim enough to fit in a refrigerator door. Pop your favorite craft brew in there, close the no-leak cap to keep the carbonation in, and you’re ready to go.

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Picnic Keg – $50

Double the capacity, double the fun. The Picnic Keg stores 128 oz (one full gallon) of your brew, keeping it carbonated and maintaining the flavors and characteristics until the last drop. Made from the same steel as the Grab ‘N’ Go, the Picnic Keg also comes with all the stickers needed to keep your Picnic Keg street legal.

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Party Tap Kit – $155

Also known as the “Completion Kit,” the Party Tap Kit comes with a Perlick Faucet Tap, the Perfect Pour Regulator, 3 Cleaning Tablets, a ManCan Sticker, and 2 CO2 Cartridges. All you need to do is plug it into your Picnic Keg and you’ll be pouring beer in no time. (They also have a simpler picnic tap, but neither work with the Grab ‘N’ Go.)

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Homebrew Kit – $325

Do you make your own beer and want to condition or serve it? This is the package for you. The Homebrew Kit comes with five Picnic Kegs, a Picnic Tap, and a two-stage regulator. It doesn’t come with the stuff to make the beer, but you’re a smart lad, you can figure that one out.

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