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Our favorite pinot noirs for 2024, ranked

For the best bottles of pinot noir, turn to Willamette Valley

Red wine in glass

Pinot noir is undoubtedly one of the most popular red wines in the world, and for a good reason. Its light profile, fruity notes, and velvety tannins make it one of the most sippable varietals, and its nuanced but rich complexity makes it a favorite of wine novices and connoisseurs alike. In the best bottles of pinot noir, there can be found a beautiful juxtaposition of light and fruity with earthier, wetter notes, often wrapped in a warm blanket of spiced oak. These are our absolute favorite bottles of pinot noir to drink this year.

Person holding up red wine glass

Willamette Valley pinot noirs

Though grown successfully in many pockets throughout the world, including Burgundy and Napa Valley, Oregon’s Willamette Valley has rapidly become known as one of the top – if not the absolute best – pinot noir regions in the world. I have the unique perspective of having lived near Napa Valley in my twenties and in Oregon now, which makes me – in my humble opinion – a fair judge of these two popular wine regions. And while Napa’s reputation for prestigious pinot noirs is undoubtedly deserved, I would boldly argue that Willamette Valley pinots dance circles around Napa’s.

That isn’t to say that Napa isn’t putting out some absolutely remarkable pinot noirs. Of course, they are. But the magic of pinot noir, more than any other varietal, comes from its environment. Oregon’s wet, cool climate provides an elongated growing season that’s perfect for pinot noir, and the world has finally taken notice of these exquisite wines. Two of our top pinot noir choices below are from Willamette Valley, and they are truly special. It is worth noting, though, that it’s difficult to go wrong when selecting a pinot from this region.

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Pinot noirs to drink in 2024

While you’re probably already familiar with this popular varietal, you may not yet know these delicious bottles. These five beautiful bottles of pinot noir are our absolute top five to drink in 2024.

Amici Pinot Noir Reserve 2021

5. Amici Pinot Noir Reserve 2021

This beautiful 2021 pinot from Amici is juicy and soft, with aromas of Asian spices, citrus, cranberry, and chocolate, accented by dark cherry notes and silky tannins throughout its long, savory finish. The juxtaposition of fruit and spice is truly elegant in this gorgeous bottle.

Ponzi Laurelwood District Pinot Noir 2021
Ponzi Vineyards

4. Ponzi Laurelwood District Pinot Noir 2021

There’s truly something just magical about an Oregon pinot noir, and this bottle shows off that magic perfectly. Showing black pepper and mesquite on the nose, the aroma becomes fruity and floral, giving way to blueberry, lavender, and blackberry. Accented with maple and dried sage, this fresh and fruity pinot sings with long tannins and a beautifully smooth finish.

Wayfarer Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021

3. Wayfarer Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021

This Sonoma County pinot starts with tart, crisp notes of cranberry and wild raspberry, then softens to an earthier, more nuanced mushroom and allspice. With crisp acidity and soft tannins, this wine is medium-bodied and perfectly balanced in its fruity and earthy flavors.

Faiveley Nuits-St-Georges Les Montroziers 2021

2. Faiveley Nuits-St-Georges Les Montroziers 2021

The intensity of this ruby-red French pinot is spicy and intoxicating with its seductive oak and rich yet nuanced fruitier notes. Its dark notes of elderberry and licorice meld flirtatiously with whispers of violet and berry. We adore the velvet tannins and sultry finish.

Beaux Freres Belles Soeurs Pinot Noir 2021

1. Beaux Freres Belles Soeurs Pinot Noir 2021

It should be no surprise that our top pinot noir comes from Willamette Valley. This gorgeous bottle from Beaux Freres is wild and exotic, presenting notes of maraschino cherry, fresh raspberry, and bright orange zest. Earthier, deeper notes begin to sing of dried earth and spice, opening up to complex floral notes and juicy acidity. The layered complexity of this beautiful wine will leave you going back for more.

Glass of red wine

How to enjoy pinot noir

Pinot noir should be served between 55 and 65 degrees and decanted for at least 30 minutes before serving. Though pinot doesn’t need as much time to breathe as a fuller-bodied red such as cabernet sauvignon, a short decanting will help its unique flavors shine.

Pinot noir is easy to enjoy on its own as its tannins are light and its flavors are mild, creating no need for balance with a hearty dish. However, if you want to enjoy your pinot with food, there are many options that will make for beautiful pairings. Caramelized mushrooms are particularly lovely with pinot noir, as are roasted vegetables and tomato-based sauces. Pasta dishes of any kind work beautifully with this varietal, in fact. Chicken, pork, and lamb dishes are also excellent choices for pinot. For an unexpected pairing, we particularly love pinot with sous vide barbecue pork ribs.

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