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The 7 Best Ice Cube Trays to Personalize Any Refreshment in 2022

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What takes a drink from cool to great? Why, the chill factor, of course. Though everyone has their preferences, ice is a key component to how enjoyable refreshments taste. Many refrigerators come equipped with ice makers these days, but the water used can taste off. Not to mention the lack of options with such machines. What if you want an ice cube skinny enough to fit in your water bottle for the gym? Or robust enough for your finger or two of rye?

Or suppose you are serving cocktails to your guests, and desire something more decorative? The solution in all cases is to get your own unique ice molds or trays. The beauty of ice trays is the versatile, personalized ways in which they can be used. And great ice trays are sold at nearly every major home retailer, with thousands of products available.

Newer materials, such as silicone, make ice removal simple, and are reusable. If you need to save on space, you may prefer a stackable set with lids. There are novelty trays for special occasions, oversized molds for your sophisticated nightcaps, and much more. You can use these trays to freeze more than water as well. Coffee cubes, lemon water, or even frozen chocolate squares can be formed with ease. So, don’t settle for unfiltered tap water clouding up your glass. Here are the finest ice cube trays currently on the market.

Best Cube and Sphere Set: Glacio Ice Cube Trays

Glacio Ice Cube Trays
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The single most highly reviewed silicone ice mold, this duo set from Amazon is easy to use, and perfect for extra large ice. You can choose between cubes or spheres, and both trays are made from extremely thick silicone. Each mold is approximately 2 inches in diameter, making each cube a truly impressive addition to your beverages. Ideally, these can be added to decorative alcoholic drinks, but are easily adapted to other creations as well. The top and bottom spherical pieces fit easily together, forming an effective seal for the rounded shape. To top it off, these trays are flexible and dishwasher-safe.

Best for Whiskey Enthusiasts: Frost Silicone Round Ice Cube Tray

FROST Silicone Round Ice Cube Tray
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For whiskey enthusiasts in particular, this ice cube tray at Target is sure to become a regular-use kitchen tool. Commonly used to balance out stronger cocktails, these round ice trays are fun to use and easy to care for. Making four 2 ½ inch balls, the high-grade silicone seals nicely after pouring and releases your ice easily when bent. All you have to do is pour into the funneled filling holes at the top and wait. The base of each mold also has reinforced stability for easier transport. Next time you pop open the decanter, you’ll likely want this tray close by.

Best Size Range: Kikkerland Stackable Ice Cube Tray/Mold

Kikkerland Stackable Ice Cube Tray Mold
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Does your ice preference change day-to-day? You should be able to customize your ice like you do your drinks. This trio set from Walmart includes small, medium, and large stackable trays with varying sized cubes. The small tray will satisfy any cravings for crushed restaurant ice, with 96 miniature molds, the medium can make 21 average-sized cubes, and the large size is best suited for chilled cocktails or oversized glasses. This multicolored set is made from a reinforced plastic for long-lasting use.

Best Sealed Tray: OXO Ice Cube Trays

OXO 2pk Ice Cube Tray
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Featuring a convenient sliding lid, this 2 pack tray set from Target is a classic example of the tray you’ll take with you after every move. The fitted cover places a secure seal over your ice, preventing contamination, or transfer of freezer odor. The lids fit so perfectly, you won’t risk spills or overflow when reusing. In addition to being dishwasher safe, this set can stack to save space. You can make up to 14 cubes per tray. OXO uses BPA-free plastic material for a non-toxic kitchen aid you’ll use daily.

Best Novelty Ice Cube: Tovolo Golf Ball Ice Molds

Tovolo Golf Ball Ice Molds
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For sports fans, this themed ice tray is sure to have you swinging for a glass. Found at Dick’s Sporting Goods, these creative molds create ice in 2.5-inch spherical golf ball shapes. Sealed and designed to be absolutely leak-free, each comes with a green silicone cap to create a consistent result. Simply pour to the fill line, and wait to surprise your friends when you bring them their drink. The size and shape of these spheres are made to be slow-melting, so you’ll likely enjoy at least two cocktails per cube. These molds are dishwasher safe.

Best Special Use Mold: Joie Kitchen Gadgets Lemon Wedge Ice Cube Tray

Joie Kitchen Gadgets Lemon Wedge Ice Cube Tray
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For those who just don’t drink plain water, this product is customized for you. This particular ice tray is designed with wedge-shaped molds to accommodate frozen juices, such as lemon, or to give room for actual pieces of citrus to be frozen in each cube. Each tray has 12 semi-circular spaces, and is made of a sturdy silicone material with a tight plastic lid to seal things in. Also great for candy and frozen sweets, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy this accessory.

Best Tray For Water Bottles: AllTopBargains 4 Piece Ice Stick Cube Trays

AllTopBargains 4 Piece Ice Stick Cube Trays
Image used with permission by copyright holder

When you are active, there is nothing quite like a frosty drink of water to cool things down. You don’t need to be frustrated about ill-fitting cubes with this genius ice stick mold from Walmart. Available in a pack of 4, you can freeze several long, skinny ice chunks to slide easily into even the narrowest water-bottle spout. The molds are designed with a top and bottom piece for a cylindrical end result. Made of solid blue plastic, these trays are durable, dishwasher safe, and easily refilled.

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