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The Best Tea Kettles to Buy in 2022

We can all pretty much agree that technology makes all our lives better. However, in some instances, it can make our lives unnecessarily complex, creating unneeded stress.

The problem with innovation is, it makes us constantly question if we are doing things the right way. The same product is being reproduced with multiple new features at an alarming rate. Choosing a method for even the simple task of heating water has been turned into a product purchasing decision that can take days or even weeks to perform.

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If you understand where we’re coming from, 2022 is the perfect year to go back to the basics: Water + Kettle + Heat = Hot Water.

If you happen to be missing the Kettle portion of that equation, we’ve tracked down nine different types we think are great. Unfortunately, even choosing the most uncomplicated products comes with some level of decision-making. Take comfort in the fact that any one of these kettles will make your water hot. So, if you’re over making decisions, just close your eyes, scroll, and pick the first one you see.

Best Overall Tea Kettle: Suteck 3.3 Qt Tea Pot Stainless Steel Hot Water Teapot

This Suteck tea kettle checks all the boxes for what you need to heat water. It has a large capacity of 3.3 liters. It works on any stovetop (even induction). It has a loud whistle so you won’t forget about it and burn it out. We also liked that the stay-cool handle actually stays cool, which can be an issue with some brands that advertise that feature. It’s Teflon-free, BPA-free, made of rust-resistant stainless steel, and won’t break the bank. An added perk is the two free infusers that come with the kettle.

Best Enameled Tea Kettle: Toptier Enameled Cast Iron Tea Kettle

This cast iron tea kettle from Toptier is excellent at conducting heat and will heat your water super fast. Just remember a towel or oven mitt because this whole thing gets roaring hot. The enameled inside will prevent any leeching of flavors into your water or tea. It has a beautiful design, comes with an extra-fine stainless steel infuser, and is sold in your choice of six vibrant colors. Though this is a Japanese style kettle, it’s crafted in China, the originator of tea.

Best Budget Tea Kettle: Mr. Coffee 1.75-qt Flintshire Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

If you need to heat water on the cheap, this Mr. Coffee tea kettle is the way to go. This no-frills kettle does everything you need; it makes your water hot, keeps your hand cool, and notifies you when the water is ready — all for under $20. It’s one of the top-rated tea kettles on Amazon likely for these reasons.

Best Splurge Tea Kettle: Oigen Tetsubin, Nambu Ironware Tea Kettle

It’s never a bad idea to turn to a Japanese water heating vessel because they’ve drunk a lot of tea over a long time. This pure, cast-iron Japanese tea kettle comes with a bit of history for all of you collectors out there. Nambu Ironware was said to have begun hand-casting its iron goods in the mid 1600s. So this style of teapot has been a popular item for centuries. Nambu iron has also been used to craft armor, Buddhist altar accessories, and other goods of Japanese historical significance.

Best Glass Tea Kettle: Medelco Glass Stove Top Whistling Kettle

The idiom, a watched pot never boils, works the same for teapots. But, you won’t be able to avoid it  with this Medelco glass tea kettle. Resembling a coffee pot, this borosilicate glass kettle can go right on the range and will whistle when it’s hot. This kettle is excellent for decorative yet delicious teas like jasmine dragon tea. It’s affordable as well, coming in at only a dollar more than our best budget option.

Best Copper Tea Kettle: Demmex 1.5-qt Copper Handmade Tea Kettle

When it comes to heating water (or anything for that matter) quickly, you can’t beat the conductivity of copper. Don’t worry about any unsafe minerals leeching into your water from the copper; it’s lined with lead-free tin. This hand-hammered copper kettle will develop a natural patina, which some people enjoy. However, if you like your copper polished and shiny, just buff it with some copper polish or a lemon-salt mixture.

Best Pour Over Tea Kettle: Coffee Gator True Brew Kettle

Fancy coffee shops around the nations have made a hand-poured cup of drip coffee desirable again. The best kettle to replicate that barista feel in the home is a gooseneck. This Coffee Gator True Blue gooseneck kettle is great for two main reasons. First, the temperature gauge, so you can know your water is the correct temperature for your green tea or coffee. Second is the silicone-coated handle and removable touch sleeve, creating multiple touch-points for precision pouring.

Best Novelty Tea Kettle: Home-X Gray Elephant Whistling Tea Kettle

Do you have kids, or just a child in a grown man’s body? Either way, the Home-X Gray Elephant Tea Kettle will have your kids (and your inner child) looking forward to their morning hot cocoa. Spoiler alert, the whistle is just a regular tea kettle whistle, not an elephant sound.

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