The Best CBD Sodas and Seltzers that Bring the Flavor and the Chill

best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages queen city hemp and cloud water
Steve John/The Manual

By now, you’re probably nearing CBD product fatigue. Brands have jammed cannabidiol into everything from gummies to lip balm to dog treats to beard oil to fizzy bath bombs. And nowhere is CBD becoming more prevalent than in the food and beverage industry. In the last few years, CBD-infused beverages have popped all over the country, with the extract showing up in teas, coffees, coconut waters, wine, and on and on.

More often than not, edible CBD-infused beverages try to mask the taste of the extract. There are two notable exceptions, however: CBD soda and CBD seltzer.

With these sparkling CBD drinks, that unique cannabis flavor blends beautifully with the other elements of the beverage, enhancing rather than detracting from the overall flavor profile. Because hemp extract has an earthy, slightly bitter taste, the sweetness of a soft drink balances out the CBD notes. You could enjoy a CBD seltzer or soda with a meal, or sip one to cool off and refresh yourself after you mow the lawn on a hot sunny day.

And as CBD isn’t psychoactive (it won’t get you high) there’s really never a bad time for a cannabidiol beverage. If you need to relax, refocus, and potentially reduce anxiety (and even reduce physical pain) then it’s a great time to crack open a CBD soda or seltzer. Here are the brands we’ve tried and loved.

Bimble Stress-Free Sparkling Drink

best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages bimble drink

Bimble makes a CBD soda that tastes great, is relatively low in calories, and that packs in plenty of CBD. At 25 milligrams of cannabidiol extract per serving, this beverage was developed to “take the edge off without any unwanted after effects.” The fact that it’s genuinely delicious is welcome, too. Bimble currently comes in a Grapefruit Basil Mint blend that is sweetened with honey. Each bottle has 50 calories and will satisfy your craving for a soda as well as for a bit of chill.

Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer

best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages queen city hemp

Queen City Hemp’s line of CBD-infused sparkling beverages has some of the most subtle yet delicious flavor blends of any of the drinks on the list. They offer Lemon Lavender, Guava, Passion Fruit, and Blood Orange seltzers, which are sugar-free yet still mildly sweet. At five milligrams of CBD per 12-ounce can, the cannabidiol concentration is much lower here than with many other options, but that’s actually a great thing for those of us (like certain authors) who drink five to six cans of seltzer water daily.

Cloud Water Natural Sparkling CBD

best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages cloud water natural

If you’re looking for a CBD beverage that falls somewhere between the soda and seltzer categories, this is a fine choice for you. Cloud Water’s CBD drinks aren’t overly sugary, but they are lightly sweetened with raw honey. Like Bimble, they offer a blend flavored with grapefruit, mint, and basil, so you can compare the lighter sweetness of this 40-calorie drink for reference. Cloud Water also offers a Blood Orange & Coconut CBD drink with a mellow taste perfect for complementing a meal. Each 12-ounce bottle has 25 milligrams of CBD.

Sprig CBD Soda

best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages sprig

If you sometimes like a good old sugary soda, and sometimes prefer to avoid the calories, then Sprig has got you covered. They offer their original CBD-Infused Sparkling Citrus Soda that’s sweet and tangy and may well help curb anxiety, and three sugar-free sparkling drinks sweetened with Stevia (Lemon Tea, Melon, and Citrus). Whether you choose the traditional soda or the Stevia option, you’ll get 20 mg of CBD per beverage.

Dram Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water

best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages dram lemongrass adaptogenic water

At four bucks a can, Dram’s CBD seltzer isn’t a drink to suck back in seconds, five servings a day. But their thoughtfully created formulas are worth a bit extra if you want enhanced calming effects, reduced anxiety, and more focus, as well as, potentially, more energy. Beyond the 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD extract in a can of their Lemongrass Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water, you’ll also find lemon balm, Eleuthero root, hibiscus, and other products that can help with stress, fatigue, and physical pain.