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The 9 Best CBD Sodas and Seltzers That Bring Out the Flavor

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The CBD train simply keeps chugging. We throw it in just about anything edible, eager to enjoy its calming powers. Sodas and seltzers do particularly well with CBD or cannabidiol, rounding out the bitter, grassy natural flavor of the stuff. They’re great options if you’re looking for some mental relief or trying to improve your quality of sleep. And because we’re far enough along in the trend, we’re no longer forcing down mediocre CBD-infused drink recipes. There are quite a few sodas and seltzers out there that actually taste good in addition to making you feel a bit better. Here are some of the best CBD sodas and seltzers to try in 2021.

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Mountjoy Sparkling

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Sonoma, California, outfit Mountjoy makes a fine and mellow family of flavored sparklers. The seltzers are nice and mild, injected with 10mg of CBD and flavors like peach, black cherry, and lemon lime. If you’re just dipping your toes in the category, this is a stellar way to do so as they drink like well-made, fruity sodas.


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Daytrip’s claim to fame is a kind of technology that holds on to the intensity of raw CBD with water-soluble particles, then blends in some botanical terpenes. Confused? Just know that after sipping a tangerine or coconut pineapple seltzer, you’ll feel your mood lift and your worries mostly subside. This style of CBD infusion will likely only snowball in terms of popularity since it doesn’t throw away any of the positive effects of cannabidiol and it integrates with the drink quite cleanly.


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Part of the draw of Recess is the abundance of interesting flavors, not to mention the eye-catching can. The CBD side is more delicate, with a minimal dosage of just 10mg. But tasty versions like pomegranate hibiscus and blackberry chai will have you throwing back several until you feel all the soothing feels.

Mad Tasty

Mad Tasty CBD Soda
Mad Tasty

Delivering 20mg of CBD from hemp extract, Mad Tasty’s Unicorn Tears offers an even balance of light fruit notes and stress relief. There are some other tasty flavors in the family too, like grapefruit and watermelon kiwi. If you’re looking to focus a bit more while staying relatively hydrated, this is your drink.


Kalo CBD Seltzer
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Aptly dubbed the feel-good seltzer, Kaló is pretty much just that. Lemon lavender is a particularly good batch, with the floral and citrus notes masking the often dirtlike flavors of hemp. It’s sweetened with cane sugar and comes in quite slim at just 15 calories.

$20 at Kaló


Present CBD Seltzer
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You have to have a clever name when you enter this still-budding business. Present crosses that off the list and offers a tasty CBD-infused sparkler in citrusy flavors like blood orange. Like Mad Tasty, it offers 20mg of CBD and even has a plain flavor (otherwise known as “natural”) if that’s your thing.

$24 at Colorado CBD Water


Loki Hemp Seltzer
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The new kid on the aisle, Loki is made with Delta-8-THC, which is very similar to CBD as we know it but believed to produce a mild euphoric effect a bit like THC. The feel is much like CBD, just perhaps a little headier. Be warned that it does contain a trace amount of THC and offers an experience a bit closer to taking a little toke, albeit keeping you nice and functional.

$25 at Loki


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With Weller, you get 25mg of CBD as well as a sparkler that practically drinks like LaCroix. And the flavors aren’t too shabby, especially tangerine and watermelon. If you are on the cocktail wagon, they serve as a great base for a little booze.

Shop at Weller

Otto’s CBD Cider

Otto's CBD Cider
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Billed as a cider, Otto’s delivers fantastic orchard fruit-driven sodas. They are great beer or hard cider substitutes, offering nuanced flavors and plenty of refreshment. Plus you get a nice dose of CBD, to the tune of 30mg, meaning you’ll feel soothed well before you finish the first bottle. All three flavors — pear rhubarb, pineapple passion, and hopped apple — are worth your time.

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