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The 6 best SodaStream alternatives in 2024

Italicus Cup cocktail.
Italicus / Italicus

If you’ve been checking out all the SodaStream deals and realized you’re not even sure if you need a SodaStream — you don’t. There are some great SodaStream alternatives around these days and they can even prove more useful than the famous brand. Not all SodaStream alternatives are equal though so we’ve picked out the very best examples, including the stylish Spärkel Beverage System which has been making sparkly waves in recent times. Take a look at our picks of the best SodaStream alternatives below.

The best SodaStream alternatives in 2024

  • Buy the for the premium experience
  • Buy the to avoid needing CO2
  • Buy the for a budget SodaStream alternative
  • Buy the for a stylish solution
  • Buy the for the best fizz
  • Buy the for a minimalist design

Ninja Thirsti

Best for a premium experience

The Ninja Thirsti on a white background.
Pros Cons
Highly reliable Expensive
Four different functions

Ninja has a great reputation for high-quality kitchen appliances. It consistently makes excellent devices like air fryers and blenders so, of course, it knows how to make good SodaStream alternatives. The Ninja Thirsti has four different functions along with the option to adjust the level of fizz, function, flavor, flavor intensity, and drink size. You can choose between three sparkling levels so you can produce flavored still drinks if you prefer with sizes between 6 and 24 ounces. It’s also possible to combine two flavors together. A bonus reservoir always keeps your water cold and ready with the CO2 canister always easy to install and replenish.

CO2 canister included Yes
Flavors included Yes

Spärkel Beverage System

Best for not needing CO2

The Spärkel Beverage System on a white background.
Pros Cons
No CO2 tank needed Expensive
5 levels of carbonation

The Spärkel Beverage System is pretty smart in that it doesn’t require CO2 canisters that you’d have to return to the store for safe disposal. Instead, you can use proprietary carbonator sachets to produce the fizzy effect with it possible to bulk buy the relevant stuff. The machine offers five levels of carbonation with a choice of going from lightly bubbly to the max level which is best for juices and cocktails. At most, it takes four minutes to get results with a minute or two ideal for most situations. That’s to produce a 750ml/25.4oz bottle which should suit most needs but you can always buy more. Simple controls means the whole family can easily use the Spärkel Beverage System.

CO2 canister included N/A
Flavors included No

Philips Stainless Sparkling Soda Maker

Best budget SodaStream alternative

The Philips Stainless Sparkling Soda Maker on a white background.
Pros Cons
Cheap Fizz could be better
Easy to use

If you’re not sure how often you’ll use your SodaStream alternative, the Philips Stainless Sparkling Soda Maker is a great starting point. You’ll need to add on the cost of a CO2 canister but it’s still pretty cheap overall. Installation is simple and at the touch of a button, you can produce soda water or flavored fizzy drinks. No electricity is required which is always convenient while you can fill up a one-liter bottle each time you use it. A cylinder covers up to 60L so you’re good to go for a while. Just bear in mind that the fizziness is sometimes not as impressive as with pricier examples, but compromises are always likely when going for the budget option.

CO2 canister included No
Flavors included No

Drinkmate OmniFizz Soda Maker

Best for a stylish solution

The Drinkmate OmniFizz Soda Maker on a white background.
Pros Cons
Super stylish Some durability issues
Easy to use

The Drinkmate OmniFizz Soda Maker will fit into a stylish kitchen perfectly. It doesn’t require an electricity source so you don’t technically need to keep it in the kitchen but it makes sense too given it’s a drinks maker. It works with a simple touch of the button up top with the ability to adjust the pressure relief as needed. It comes with a reusable 1L BPA-free carbonating quick-connect bottle which should suit all your needs, but you’ll need to buy a CO2 bottle. The downside to the Drinkmate OmniFizz Soda Maker is that some people have reported issues with durability but it’s not guaranteed to be a problem for everyone.

CO2 canister included No
Flavors included No

Twenty39 qarbo LUXE Sparkling Water Maker

Best for fizz

The Twenty39 qarbo LUXE Sparkling Water Maker on a white background.
Pros Cons
Great levels of carbonation Expensive
Sophisticated look

The Twenty39 qarbo LUXE Sparkling Water Maker is a super stylish-looking SodaStream alternative that promises exceptional levels of fizziness in your drinks. Made from solid metal, it’s robust and will look great on your countertop. It has a unique qarbo AirPlus CO2 Infusion Cap which helps provide stronger carbonation than the competition along with better flavors. A three-year warranty demonstrates how confident the company is in its durability while little details like a bottle that fits into the fridge door and a cleaning brush are all nice extras.

CO2 canister included No
Flavors included No

aarke Carbonator III Premium Carbonator

Best for a minimalist design

The aarke Carbonator III Premium Carbonator on a white background.
Pros Cons
Stainless steel design Very expensive
Simple to use Limited fizz

For a truly premium and therefore expensive SodaStream alternative, the aarke Carbonator III Premium Carbonator is going to look great in certain kitchens. It has a stainless steel frame which takes up the bare minimum of room while looking great. It’s simple to use too with clear instructions and nothing too complicated to consider. It has top of the line safety valves and a stainless steel precision nozzle so you just have to attach the bottle to the fill line for it to do the rest. Some people have found the level of fizz slightly disappointing but most people will be happy with it.

CO2 canister included No
Flavors included No

How we chose these SodaStream alternatives

There are a growing number of SodaStream alternatives out there and it can be tough to know which one to pick. That’s why we’ve focused on a few key elements in our choices. Here’s what we considered and what you should think about too.


An awkward-to-use SodaStream alternative isn’t much use to anyone. We focused on those with easy-to-use controls and we recommend you stick with that principle. It’ll encourage you to use it more often.

Know your budget

It’s possible to spend under $60 on a SodaStream alternative but you can also spend hundreds. Generally, the quality is better the more you spend, but if you only plan on occasionally using it, you might as well keep costs down.

Check out the style

Most folk like their kitchen to look good and that’s where steel-based SodaStream alternatives excel. A plastic one is cheaper but if you want your aesthetic to look good, spend a little extra on something that suits your style better.

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