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These two-tone Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches go full on ’80s (and we love it)

Omega launches a two-tone gold Speedmaster Moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch bi-color

Omega watches have launched a bi-color Speedmaster Moonwatch in 18-karat Moonshine Gold or Sedna Gold combined with stainless steel. Anybody who browses the secondhand watch market will know two-tone Speedmasters are nothing new, however, this is the first time that a modern version of the Speedmaster Moonwatch will be available in bi-color metals. The two-tone design certainly takes us back to the 80s and 90s when experimenting with precious metals and steel was bold but common.

Omega Bi-Color Speedmaster Moonwatch: A history

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Moonshine Gold

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch chronograph became a part of American history in the 60s when a modern version was provided to NASA astronauts. And, if we’re really talking American history, Sonny Crockett certainly popularized two-tone watches during the days of “Miami Vice,” as did Christian Bale in “American Psycho,” though those were Rolex.

Two-tone watches first became popular as they allowed customers who wanted to be in the same zip code as Gold but couldn’t quite afford a house there; essentially, the price tag was more modest compared to what it could have been. Many brands in the 80s made watches that simply had gold plating and were able to give them a higher price tag due to demand and aesthetic appeal and due to this they still made quite a nice profit.

Technical details and aesthetics

Besides a new two-tone case and bracelet, the familiar  Omega watches Moonwatch design is still present, with a 42mm case, gold center links on the bracelet, sapphire crystal, and caseback, as well as an upgraded Master Chronometer manually wound Calibre 3861. One detail to note, something Omega fans will surely want to hear while casual observers will not really think twice about, is that this two-tone Speedmaster Moonwatch includes ceramic Ceragold. This material is featured on the bezels and a ceramic ring with a black tachymeter scale is also infused with Ceragold whereas earlier versions had aluminum inserts. Will Omega make this a new standard across the Moonwatch line? Only time will tell (no pun intended.)

Moonshine and Sedna Gold

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch bi-color Sedna

Omega watches first began using Moonshine Gold in the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary limited editions around 5 years ago. It’s now used in several other Omega models and is made of 14% silver, 1% palladium, less than 9% copper, and 75% pure gold which is what gives it a bit of a yellow hue.

Sedna gold was first introduced in 2012 and is an Omega-exclusive rose gold comprising over 75% gold, more than 20% copper, and over 1% palladium. Sedna gold doesn’t take on the yellow color that usually affects standard rose gold after a while.

“Nixon” bracelet

This two-tone Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch features a “Nixon” bracelet that has a micro-adjustment clasp, meaning you can extend it by 2.5mm when you get too warm or bloated from Christmas dinner. The outer links are made from stainless steel with a brushed satin finish with center links made from solid gold that also feature a brushed finish.

How much are these bi-color Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches?

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch bi-color dial

Regardless of which color suits your personal preference, both models are priced at $18,100 and can be purchased at selected retailers worldwide. For more information about them, you can visit the official Omega watches website.

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