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Stitch Fix Launching Sustainably Made Knits

Stitch Fix Knits.
Stitch Fix Knits. Stitch Fix

How do you know that you can trust a clothing dealer’s quality? One positive indication is its staying power. And partnering with a mill with 115 years of making shirts is a pretty good place to begin. 

On Nov. 2, the online, personalized styling service Stitch Fix launched Mohnton Made, a sustainable and size-inclusive modern basic line developed with a textile maker who’s been around since the turn of the 20th century. Manufactured at the Stitch Fix-owned and operated Mohnton Mills Knitting facility, the Mohnton, Pa. mill has been operating since 1906. The brand was developed and constructed for comfy wear with sustainable materials. In-house designed t-shirts, cozy sweats, and knit separates serve as perfect fall foils, sliding between cold and warm days.

Stitch Fix applied user data via experienced pros to create the perfect fit and Mohnton’s veteran squad served as the perfect source to translate that vision. As a textile-driven community, most of the Mohnton Knitting Mills team have over 20 years of knitting and sewing experience. The sustainably produced clothing, made from upcycled cotton and recycled polyester, is available to everyone — size-inclusive offerings include women’s XS-3X and men’s XS-3XL.

“Combining the rich heritage of Mohnton Mills with Stitch Fix’s data-backed designs made for a really unique creation process that shines through in Mohnton Made,” Loretta Choy, Stitch Fix Women’s general manager said in a statement. 

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Owning Mohnton Mills also allowed Stitch Fix to support and commit to social responsibility in producing this new line. Natural materials color Mohnton Made threads with plant dyes applied to the t-shirt array. Stitch Fix partnered with Green Matters Natural Dye Company to collect rainwater that helped to hue Mohnton t-shirts with plant matter like madder root, myrobalan, and cutch tree.

“By combining their unparalleled techniques with more sustainable materials, we are able to offer our clients more thoughtfully made, high-quality essentials that everyone needs in their closet,” Choy said. 

You can find Mohnton Made through Stitch Fix’s recently launched, poignantly personalized shopping platform, Stitch Fix Freestyle. 

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