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Pharrell Williams and Adidas’ Shocking Humanrace Sičhona

The sun may not be shining for much of the country right now, but we can at least count on icon Pharrell Williams to bring the rays.

Arriving in a brand-new, Shock Yellow color update,  the Humanrace Sičhona from adidas continues its journey into the hearts of runners and runway sporters alike. At the end of summer 2021, the shoe apparel giant and the stylish song producer introduced the world to the Humanrace Sičhona silhouette — a new lifestyle model meant to amplify the Indigenous American Dakota tribe’s customs and culture. After adding burgundy and black versions to its original Royal Blue version throughout the fall, a fresh, bright yellow burst releases this winter.

adidas and Pharrell Williams' new Shock Yellow silhouette on the Humanrace Sičhona.

The lemon life injected in the shoe celebrates its original human-centric design and offers an ode to the organic feeling generated when we run — the original human athletic activity. The shoe meets surfaces and its public to equal acclaim, slapping over any surface and slipping into any room with equal aplomb. Already established itself as an archetype for the next generation of sneaker-lovers, the Humanrace Sičhona steps forward on its journey into the athletic community’s hearts with a sunshine-sporting offering that precedes the coming warm season.

With a design that’s embedded in operational innovation — fluid on the fly yet built for everyday wear — the Humanrace Sičhona is modeled as an extension of the body’s natural form. This was accomplished using adidas’ FutureNatural technology and direct-inject casting — the brand’s latest footwear innovation. FutureNatural is made to mirror an athlete’s speed and quick change of direction.

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The one-piece shoe mold aligns with an athlete’s natural movement for total freedom to move along dynamic angles. Its seamless design and 360-degree fit system work together to create a natural advantage for athletes.

As to the shoe’s style, the Shock Yellow shows off undeniably fluid forms while flashing clear aqua accents on its label along with a bold orange stripe on the tongue to wag in a happy smile. The sneaker’s Primeknit upper seamlessly merges with its anatomically molded TPU midsole. Primeknit from adidas adapts shoes to hug its wearer’s feet for breathable support and sock-like comfort.

Inspired by the polymathic prodigy Farrell and a paean to the foot’s inherent natural genius, the Humanrace Sičhona’s distinct look is completed with co-branded tongue-tabs and sock-liners.

Launching on Friday, January 28, the Shock Yellow colorway of the Humanrace Sičhona will be available throughout the United States at confirmed retailers and at select Dover Street Market locations with a $180 sticker price.

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