Our Top Picks for the Perfect Lounge Pants for Winter Weekend

Now that we’ve arrived squarely in the middle of winter, it’s time to talk lounge wear. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a fluffy robe, a snug sweater, and a pair of functional slippers, it’s time make your at-home ensemble a truly cozy delight with a solid pair of lounge pants.

These bad boys finish off any weekend-on-the-couch uniform and should be warm, soft and comfortable without sacrificing style.

For some loungy inspiration, check out our roundup of some of the best lounge pants to buy this winter and take the chill off of Netflix and chill. 

Daniel Buchler – $115

daniel buchler

The Super Soft Heather Cuffed Pant from Daniel Buchler certainly lives up to its name, producing a cozy and warm feel. A tapered ankle keeps these pants from feeling too baggy, while a splash of spandex ensures plenty of mobility.

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Carbon2Cobalt – $89

carbon 2 colbat

For those in need of a lounge pant that has more oomph than sag, the Rare Form Sweatpants from Carbon2Cobalt could be a great option. They were designed to feel like everyday trousers with a straight-cut line, open hem, and neat pockets. Plus, they’re made of 100% cotton, which makes them fantastically soft.

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Hugo Boss – $70

hugo boss

Sleek and minimalist, these pajama trousers from Hugo Boss are the perfect, stylish, go-to for a lazy weekend morning around the house. The pocket detail adds a modern twist on an otherwise muted pant and the elastic waistband ensures optimal coziness.

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Mack Weldon – $78

mack weldon

Featuring a refined fit, the Mack Weldon sweatpants are meant to evoke a casual, yet grown-up aesthetic. Knit with French Terry, these pants are as comfortable as they are elegant, making an excellent addition to any fashion guru’s wardrobe.

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Tommy John – $74

tommy john lounge jogger

If you like the jogger fit, check out these lounge pants from Tommy John. They’re built with a special tri-fabric blend, which makes them gentle and super-soft. They also feature functional side pockets as well as a drawstring, which allows you to adjust the pants to your liking.

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Richer Poorer – $72

richer poorer lounge

Made with a medium-weight French Terry and with a slim and tapered cut to the pant, these loungers from Richer Poorer could look amazing on the streets, but these are definitely best when stuntin’ your perfect style solo at home.

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Lululemon ABC Pant – $79

perfect lounge pants winter lululemon mens abc

Although you’ll really only want to lounge in these pants, Lululemon being the fitness oriented company that it is, has also made these pants workout friendly with the employment of Warpstreme™ fabric to wick sweat and moisture while working out, along with their famous four-way stetch.

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