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The Best Men’s Fitness Attire to Workout In

For the authentic fitness enthusiast, the right gear can make or break the results you’re sweating after. Sure, it’s totally possible to get in a great minimalist workout, but certain tools and products can go a long way in terms of pushing you to perform your best. At the same time, as a dedicated gym rat you know merely basic workout gear won’t do — you want only the best from the leading fitness brands. A new year means you’re especially interested in hitting the gym while decked out in the latest and greatest workout clothes.

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Each and every item suggested below has been rigorously tested to ensure they not only look and feel great but that they offer genuine value to your training efforts. That means that they’re designed to maximize your workout by ensuring that you enjoy all the comfort and features necessary to support your performance. Rest assured, we know what to look for when it comes to the best workout clothes.

Without further ado, here is the best men’s fitness clothing for 2022.

Best Running Shoes: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

single black and white Nike shoe.

These are some truly great running shoes. While that should come as no surprise — they are some of Nike’s most carefully tested releases, after all — there’s something uniquely wonderful about wearing them that makes you stand up and take notice every time you put them on. Super comfortable and lightweight, boasting soles so cushioned you might as well be running on clouds, they practically compel you to lean forward and charge ahead.

Best Training Shoes: Reebok Nano X1 Training Shoes

all black Reebok shoe.

When it comes to all-around gym versatility, the Nano X1s deliver. While their three-quarters flat soles are stable enough for heavy lifting, their raised toe adds the mobility needed for training in motion. That makes them a popular choice among Crossfitters, but they’re great for virtually any gym activity.

Best Lifting Shoes: Puma Fuse Training Shoes

single puma shoe.

When it’s time to plant your feet and press your best squats possible, it’s time to strap on the Puma Fuses. These outstanding weightlifting shoes provide the rock-solid stability you need to get a great lift, and they’re extremely comfortable. Puma also makes some of the most durable gear money can buy, which means you can count on them for year after year and pound after pound of lifting.

Best Gym Shirt: Lululemon Drysense Training Short Sleeve Shirt

A male model wearing an orange Lululemon Drysense Training Short Sleeve on gray background.

While Lululemon is primarily known for making the best yoga gear, this training shirt features a bunch of smart design elements that make it perfect for pretty much any physical activity, from stretching to running to lifting. Not only is this workout shirt comfortable, moisture-wicking, and well-fitted, but it has a hoop on the back of the neck to prevent unwanted stretching when you hang it dry.

Most Comfortable Gym Shorts: Puma Cloudspun 8-inch Men’s Training Shorts

pair of charcoal gray shorts.

If you’re looking for gym shorts that deliver pure comfort, the Cloudspun series from Puma is it. These are incredibly soft shorts that not only feel great while working out, but will provide a cozy crotch covering whether you’re doing yoga, out running errands, or even just lounging around the house.

Best Looking Gym Shorts: Nike Classic Fleece Shorts

Pair of Nike fleece shorts.

In the event that you’re looking for the best-looking gym shorts, look no further. Nike’s Classic Fleet Shorts are based on the cut that essentially pioneered the concept of modern workout shorts, and they’re available in some of the slickest colors you can find.

Best Workout Pants: American Giant Everyday Jogger

Man wearing a pair of gray joggers.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers a little extra warmth during your workout, meet the Everyday Joggers from American Giant. The company makes some of the best athleisure, sweatpants, and sweatshirts you’ll ever put on, these joggers included. They fit great, feel amazing on your skin, and are built to last. They should really call them the all-day, everyday joggers.

Best Gym Sweatshirt: Nobull Men’s Performance Zip-Up Hoodie

A midsection of a man wearing a brown Nobull Performance Zip-up Hoodie.

For the fit male physique, there has never been a better sweatshirt. Its super-soft tech fabric not only feels amazing to the touch, but it wicks away sweat and keeps you warm while somehow managing to keep you appropriately post-workout cooled. What’s more, it looks great, fitting a muscular body like a glove.

Best Gym Socks: Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab

pair of no show moisture wicking socks.

It might seem funny to declare that a pair of socks is “great,” but that’s exactly what these are. Feetures has made the best athletic socks you can find, period. They fit great, are super comfortable, and boast cushioning in all the right places.

Best Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Charge 5

fitbit fitness tracker.

While there are a lot of great fitness trackers on the market that all excel in different ways, nothing can compare to Fitbit when it comes to delivering on all fronts. The Charge 5 does pretty much everything the typical fitness enthusiast could want it to, from tracking biometrics, sleep coaching, to managing stress. It also looks pretty slick.

Best Gym Headphones: Jabra Elite 7 Active

jabra elite earbuds.

You’ve got to have a great soundtrack for your workout, and with the new Elite 7 Active series from the renowned headphone brand Jabra, it will sound amazing. Beyond superior sound, the Elite 7 Actives boast ShakeGrip to prevent slipping, sweat, and waterproofing, outstanding durability, and Active Noise Canceling.

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