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The Best Sandbags for Workouts to Build Upper Body Strength

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and gyms everywhere closed, home workout solutions became an overnight necessity. This boom led to shortages in dumbbells, kettlebells, and other home gym equipment, and as a result, the price of workout iron skyrocketed. Accordingly, many fitness enthusiasts began looking for alternatives. For many, workout sandbags provided the solution.

Even before all of this, sandbags were growing in popularity among the fitness community thanks to their ability to deliver an extremely diverse, effective weight training session. By increasing or decreasing the amount of sand, you can enjoy widely varying loads, and the best workout sandbags come equipped with handles and other features in all the right places, lending themselves to a slew of different movements and lifts.

Speaking of the best workout sandbags, that’s what we’re here for right now—taking a look at fitness sandbags that stand out from the rest. Here are several sandbags that will support your home fitness routine.

Garage Fit Sandbags

Garage Fit Sandbags.

When it comes to delivering an all-around great workout sandbag, this one from Garage Fit hits on all the key points. It’s super durable, won’t spill the sand (which is essential unless you have a damn good vacuum cleaner), and it has gripping handles in a variety of positions which makes it easy to perform a wide range of movements. They’re also available in a range of colors, allowing you to choose your favorite.

Meister Elite Portable Sand Kettlebell

Meister Elite Portable Sand Kettlebell.

This is a great option not only if you’re working out on a budget, but if you’re looking for a softer — and much more affordable — alternative to a kettlebell. What’s more, its one-piece construction ensures that it’s durable and won’t leak sand. It’s also a great option to have alongside the more typical sandbags, as between the two of them you’ll be able to achieve a highly comprehensive workout.

Brute Force Sandbags Strength Training Kits

Brute Force Sandbags Strength Training Kits.

Not only does Brute Force make sandbags that are super tough and built to last, but these particular bags are adjustable thanks to the fact that you fill the large main chamber with smaller sandbags that can be added or removed at will. This makes it easier to switch-up loads between different workouts. Need more proof that this is a tough sandbag? Brute Force is a veteran-owned company, and its products are found in front-line military training gyms all over the world.

Rogue Strongman Sandbags

Rogue Strongman Sandbags.

If you prefer super-heavy sandbags, these options from Rogue are as good as they get. The smallest option is 100 pounds, and they go all the way up to a hernia-busting 400 pounds. These are sandbags for true powerlifters. Let’s put it this way–if you’re able to heft a 400-pound bag of sand, you can lift just about anything.

Wreck Bag Sand-Free Weight Bag

Wreck Bag Sand-Free Weight Bag.

For those who worry about getting sand everywhere, Wreck Bag offers a solution. Their “sandbag” offers all the benefits of a typical sandbag, but it’s instead filled with rubber beads that are less prone to leaking and making a mess. In the event that they do escape, they’re easy to gather and replace in the bag.

Goruck Sandbags 1.0

Goruck Sandbags 1.0.

These are hyper-tough sandbags built specifically for extreme outdoor workouts. Made out of uber-durable 1000D Cordura and closed via the strongest zippers out there, they’re made to be tossed, lugged, and otherwise mistreated. If you do somehow manage to bust it, it comes backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Rogue Feed Sack

Rogue Feed Sack.

If you’re looking for the best sandbag to throw over your shoulders and go for a run, the Feed Sack from Rogue kills it. It’s heavy and durable, but most importantly it has handles strategically placed for shoulder carrying while on the run. They’re also available in two different sizes: 50lbs and 100lbs.

Bulgarian Bag Suples

Bulgarian Bag Suples.

Not only is this a really functional sandbag thanks to its well-placed handles, but it’s almost luxurious in its design quality thanks to its quality craftmanship featuring genuine leather. It’s also available in an extremely wide range of loads, from 6 pounds to 84 pounds. What’s more, thanks to its classic leather aesthetic, it adds an attractive visual element to your home gym.

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