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Nuzzie Blankets’ Weighted Comforter Makes Its Stand

Nuzzie Blankets.
Nuzzie Blankets.

Studies suggest that applying pressure with weighted blankets during sleep stimulates neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin that calm your brain in a principle called ‘deep pressure.’ These studies have led to a surprisingly competitive market.

Nuzzie Blankets asserts that its weighted blankets outshine competitors on the ever-evolving weighted blanket battlefield. The materials Nuzzie uses,  its sustainable and charitable efforts, abundant size offerings, and easy shipping options make a good argument. The choice is up to you.  

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Nuzzie features a big knit texture that evenly distributes weight with a weave that eliminates the cumbersome filler common to weighted blankets. Blankets are constructed with 100% reusable and recycled materials — a recycled polyester that’s handwoven from proprietary Okeo-Tek-certified hypoallergenic weighted yarn. A single Nuzzie blanket’s filling takes up approximately 1,200 water bottles worth of plastic that might otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean.

Each blanket is also considerately manufactured. Recycled fiber (as opposed to cotton) requires 90% less water in production, and consumes 25,000 gallons less water than a similar-sized 100% cotton-knitted weighted blanket. (Based on research that suggests about 1,300 gallons of water to produce one pound of cotton.) The material even dries faster than organic threads. 

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A new Nuzzie Knit to debut in November will have an even higher density filing, which means less filling to achieve the same weight. Less filling also means less tension, reducing stitching strain, increasing the blanket’s life, and allowing for a wider usable surface area. (The old design will be fully phased out by January 2022.)

Nuzzie Blankets also offers an eight-pound kids’ size in addition a 15-pound full, a 10-pound queen, and a 25-pound king. Upon ordering, delivery features free, three-to-five business-day shipping to all 50 states and to overseas military posts, and three-to-10 business-day shipping to Europe.

The zero-waste firm is committed to no plastic packaging or excess packing material. Nuzzie donates a blanket to charity for every blanket sold and gives to green initiatives to neutralize its carbon footprint. 

Sleep affects every aspect of our lives, from moods to job performance and interaction with friends and family. If you toss and turn and struggle to fall asleep, it might be time to give Nuzzie’s gentle pressure to improve sleep quality and be the best you every day.

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