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Forget weighted blankets — Champion has something a whole lot more comfy

Wrap yourself up in a weighted hoodie

champion weighted hoodies on rack
Champion / Champion

It’s no secret that stressful events occur every day. Everything from personal moments to world events can contribute to a stressed and anxious mind. While there are plenty of ways to help self-care, one of the common hacks is using weight to help calm and ground oneself. Not long ago, weight blankets became an easy go-to for those looking for extra help to ease the body from physical symptoms. Weighted blankets offer comfort, as well as weight, to prevent your body from exerting physical symptoms of stress. These blankets can add just the right amount of weight to help keep pressure on your body to ground you and help you be more in tune with yourself. While blankets are great, Champion has recently announced a newer product that’ll take this relaxation hack to the next level. 

The Champion Weighted Hoodie

Weighted Hoodie
Champion / Champion

As its name would suggest, Champion has unveiled its newest product to help broaden the use of weighted products to the everyday. Partnering with weighted product maker, Thera, and with the help of mental health experts, this hoodie is meant to give users the same comfort and safety that weighted blankets can provide. Weighing eight pounds, evenly distributed throughout the body, the Champion Weighted Hoodie gives you this grounding effect that can help ease stress and anxiety throughout your day. 

Made with machine-washable glass beads, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the arms, back, hood, and chest, making it a comfortable weighted garment. Unlike some weighted products, the Champion Weighted Hoodie is easy to clean, making it available for you to use whenever you need it. Apart from its weight, this new product also gives you the flexibility of being able to wear it in two unique ways. Made with a reversible design, you can easily flip the style around for a different look, yet similar comfort. One side of the hoodie is made to be softer and smoother, while the other will give you a more texture and quilted look. 

Ease your stress with a weighted hoodie

Champion Weighted Hoodie
Champion / Champion

In general, weighted products have proven to be an excellent resource, especially for neurodivergent populations. Being able to add weight to counteract anxiety can help users keep their bodies still and calm, even while dealing with stressful situations. However, more studies are proving that weighted products can also benefit the general public. With Champion’s Weighted Hoodie, this concept can become an easy hack for those dealing with stress or anxiety in any location, including school and work. 

To grab your own Champion Weighted Hoodie, you’ll be able to purchase your very own hoodie starting in September 2024, just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month. Those looking to purchase will find the hoodie both online and in-store. 

Leslie Leon
Leslie is a Los Angeles-based writer and content creator. She is always researching and finding the latest fashion trends…
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