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The new Timex Marlin Jet Automatic looks a lot more expensive than it is

This new Timex is under $300, but looks a lot more expensive

closeup on Timex watch
Timex / Timex

There’s no doubt that watches have become some of the most talked about items in recent seasons. Not only do watches provide an extra luxurious touch to your looks, but they also prove to be excellent collector’s items. With fashion trends like quiet luxury or stealth wealth popping up on the runway in recent seasons, it comes as no surprise that watches were going to come back to the trends list. However, whether you’re looking for an elegant timepiece to add to your closet or you’re just looking for a practical watch to last you for years, these items can sometimes come at a cost. 

Thanks to Timex, that’s no longer the case. The Timex Marlin Jet Automatic is the latest watch release that keeps your budget intact but still gives you that elegant and dashing touch to your collection. Even if it’s your first watch, this Timex piece is the perfect starter watch or addition to your day-to-day rotation. The best part? You’ll be saving thousands while still getting that expensive look. 

What we know about Timex’s Marlin Jet Automatic

One of the reasons why watches have become more luxurious is because of the vintage look of these older timepieces. While modern watches are still sleek and futuristic, it’s the look of a retro watch that draws many to shell out thousands on a vintage piece. However, Timex’s Marlin Jet Automatic combines modern design with a timeless look to give you the best of both. At only $299, this luxury watch makes for a great investment that doesn’t cost like one. 

The Marlin Jet Automatic comes with a futuristic silver metal face with domed glass that’s as modern as it is classic. With no extra fuzz or embellishments, the sleekness of the design looks and feels more expensive than it is. A slimmer design, the Marlin watch comes in at 38mm in diameter and 13.5mm in thickness, which means it’s perfect to carry on the daily. While the watch looks like a classic piece that could go for thousands at an auction, it also carries important modern functions that can prove to be helpful. For example, this new release is water resistant for up to 50 meters.

Completing the design is a blue woven strap that compliments the watch rather than distracts from it. In a subtle dark blue, this watch is ready for anything you might need it for. Giving it more texture, this strap is the ultimate touch to a sleek and modern design. 

blue strap Timex watch
Timex / TImex

Where and why you need Timex’s newest piece

For an automatic watch, the Timex Marlin Jet watch is a steal at less than $300, when similar designs are going for at least double the price. This watch is now available at Timex and will surely sell out in no time. 

For those who have yet to purchase a watch that starts or compliments their collection, this piece is a no-brainer. At a time when luxury watches are going for extraordinary prices, this Timex watch remains at a reasonable price for the masses that is unlikely to come by again.

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