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Koy Gear Aims to Revolutionize Men’s Everyday Apparel

The simplest way to introduce Koy Gear is by its motto: You can’t see it, but it’s there. The Toronto, Canada-based innovators craft affordable and practical clothing that’s versatile enough to be worn every day. Koy Gear is not your everyday clothing designer, though. The brand is on a mission to provide men with comfortable technical apparel.

What started as an odorless underwear manufacturer in 2018 has turned into a revolutionary maker of casual wear, packed with impressive performance and superior comfort. So whether you’re traveling from coast to coast, from work to the gym, or are lounging at home, Koy Gear’s collection delivers where it matters most.

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There are three necessities for a man’s daily outfit: fitting underwear, breathable socks, and a satisfying T-shirt. It’s laughable how often these three mainstays are taken for granted, and Koy Gear is here to convince us to never let it happen again.

“Invisible technical” refers to the design philosophy Koy Gear puts into practice. While high-end athletic wear with advanced technology has come a long way, most of the time the added performance elements take away from its everyday functionality. That’s why Koy Gear has implemented its materials in a way that you experience them with your body rather than your eyes.

The newest additions to Koy Gear’s Invisible Technical apparel line reached its Kickstarter fundraising goal in under 24 hours, so you know the hype is real. Say hello to breathable, stain-resistant T-shirts and lightweight odor-fighting socks.

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The Koy Gear Tee, which is currently available in a versatile light gray color, is an ultra-soft T-shirt made from a blend of combed cotton, modal, and elastane. Each tee boasts a four-way stretch that is snug-fitting yet comfortable, is protected by silver ionization technology that utilizes antibacterial and anti-odor properties for lasting freshness, and features a moisture-wicking, breathable interior.

One of our favorite aspects, however, has to be the shirt’s stain-resistant technology. That’s right, the Koy Gear Tee provides a shield against stains whether you’re spilling a protein shake on yourself after a high energy workout or you reached peak clumsiness after tossing back a couple neat pours of your favorite craft liquor.

If you don’t believe us, just watch.

This capacity for performance comes with more responsibility. Your shirt must be cared for appropriately, and that means washing your garments in cold water without bleach or softeners, then applying a normal tumble dry. Koy Gear also recommends that each shirt be ironed after washing in order to maximize the KG Tee’s hydro-repellent performance.

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The Koy Gear Socks also feature a breathable build and utilize the innovative silver ionization protection that staves off odor-producing bacteria at its source so you can kick your boots off after a long day and not clear the room. Offered in black and gray with yellow accents, the socks rely on extreme comfort as well, which is propelled by their honeycomb-patterned padding.

You can support the Koy Gear Kickstarter campaign now through October 17, 2019, if you want to get in on the socks and tee action early. Every backer can expect to receive their gear in January 2020. Don’t forget that Koy Gear gained its recognition with Silver Boxer Briefs, crafted carefully by coating polyamide fibers with medical-grade silver that effectively kills odors and bacteria.

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