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Our favorite polo from Ben Sherman is a year-round winner

This Ben Sherman polo is almost perfect

ben sherman polo shirt
Ben Sherman

Are you looking to upgrade your wardrobe year-round? There’s no more clear favorite than the classic knitted polo shirt. While there are countless options to get your polo fix, Ben Sherman has our attention for having some of the best of the best. The brand is known for its exciting color combinations, and fun striped additions, and the quality and design of a Ben Sherman knitted polo are above the competition. These knitted polo shirts are a no-brainer for those looking to build a well-rounded capsule wardrobe by allowing you to have fun with this classic cut. Instead of sticking to those boring school-aged polo shirts that do nothing to elevate your wardrobe, grab a modern Ben Sherman Knitted Polo for all the style and elegance.

Why you should grab a Ben Sherman polo shirt

Sure, most polo shirts look the same, but a knitted polo offers plenty more casual elegance you can’t get anywhere else. Not only are they easy-to-style tops that work with a pair of pants or jeans, but they can serve you year-round as a foolproof option for your wardrobe. The best part of the knitted polo from Ben Sherman is the ability to choose from plenty of options when picking a new favorite shirt. Choose from long and short sleeves and solid colors or a mixture of colors, but either way, there’s a polo shirt that’ll suit your closet. 

Since Ben Sherman’s polo shirt contains 100% cotton, it’s a dream year-round, as it can be a lightweight option during the warmer months or a layering piece for the fall and winter months. While it might be pricier than some of your everyday polo shirts, the fabric’s design and quality justify the price. Either way, this polo shirt is a timeless pick worth the price tag. Depending on your color and sleeve length, you can expect to pay anywhere between $79-$129. However, Ben Sherman is constantly adding these knit polo shirts to their sales, marking them down as low as $25. 

Opt for a quality knit polo

While Ben Sherman’s statement mod stripes are well-known, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for this colorful option. is just one of the options you have when it comes to something minimalist and lowkey. Use these solid colors with polished outerwear choices like leather jackets or blazers for a sophisticated look that’s the perfect go-to outfit formula. 

However, those itching for more color and statement will enjoy the classic retro mod stripe that makes Ben Sherman a staple in menswear. From retro colors in earthy tones to more dynamic color combinations in blue and red, there’s no shortage of options for those who want a pop of color with their knitted polo shirts. These knitted polo shirts also come in a striped option for those who want to mix their colors and patterns in one elevated knit. While many have tried to replicate this design in lower-priced knitted polos, only Ben Sherman’s has the quality and status of the brand. 

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