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Garmin debuts 3 new smartwatches for everyone from sailors to serious divers

These watches are designed for the high seas

Garmin series of watches

Garmin, the maestro of cutting-edge timepieces, has unleashed a triumvirate of wrist wonders that cater to adventurous souls, from seasoned sailors to intrepid divers. These aren’t just smartwatches; they’re companions for those who thrive on pushing boundaries. Let’s dive into the ocean of innovation and explore Garmin’s latest marvels.

Garmin Descent watch blue strap

Premium Quatix 7 Pro Marine Smartwatch

The Quatix 7 Pro is not just a Garmin watch; it’s a nautical genius. Designed with sailors in mind, this timepiece seamlessly blends elegance and performance. The assertive yet refined design is complemented by various features that make it a dream come true.

The Garmin Quatix 7 Pro isn’t just a marine smartwatch; it’s a comprehensive health and fitness companion. Beyond its prowess in boating apps and water activities like sail racing and water skiing, this timepiece is a fitness marvel. Enabling users to track over 30 activity profiles, from trail running to hiking and golfing, the Quatix 7 Pro ensures you stay active in style. Including premium fitness features like VO2 max, endurance score, and hill score isn’t just about staying fit; it’s about optimizing your performance.

Delving into wellness, the watch provides advanced sleep monitoring and Pulse Ox to offer insights into your body’s nuances. It’s not just a watch; it’s a holistic health advisor on your wrist. The preloaded ECG app takes it a step further, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of your overall health. But the Quatix 7 Pro isn’t just about health; it’s about connectivity and convenience. With smart notifications, music storage for phone-free listening, Garmin Pay for contactless payments, and more, it seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

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Garmin Descent watch

Descent MK3 Series Dive Computers

For those who explore the depths, Garmin introduces the Descent MK3 Series Dive Computers, a collection that redefines what a dive watch can be. With a whopping 200-meter dive rating, these watches are not just water-resistant; they’re deep-sea dynamos. Garmin has crafted a series that goes beyond conventional dive watches. These are not merely watches for men; they are indispensable tools for the serious diver.

The Descent Mk3 series by Garmin unveils groundbreaking features that redefine the underwater experience, providing divers with unprecedented peace of mind. Soon to be integrated, the Diver Assistance feature harnesses enhanced SubWave sonar technology. In times of need, divers using a Descent Mk3i dive computer and Descent T2 transceiver can send out an assistance alert to connected divers. Nearby allies will have real-time insights into the distressed diver’s depth and distance, enabling them to monitor and assist until the situation is resolved.

Exclusive to the 51mm Descent Mk3i, an integrated LED flashlight with a built-in strobe mode enhances visibility in low-light conditions, whether above or below the water. It’s a safety feature that adds an extra layer of security to nighttime or murky water dives. The watch goes beyond tracking dives; it gauges the body’s readiness for underwater adventures. Divers receive a readiness score by considering lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, stress, and jet lag. A higher score signals an optimal time to dive, while a lower score means you might want to opt for a more leisurely dive.

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Garmin Descent diving colored

Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition Dive Computer

In a groundbreaking move, Garmin presents the Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition Dive Computer. What sets these smartwatches apart is not just its technological prowess but its commitment to sustainability. Crafted with recycled ocean-bound plastics, this watch embodies Garmin’s dedication to both innovation and environmental responsibility.

The new Garmin Descent G1 Solar Ocean Edition represents a leap forward in dive technology, seamlessly integrating popular features from the original Descent G1 Solar while introducing groundbreaking enhancements that redefine the diving experience. This Ocean Edition not only serves as a high-performance dive computer but also eliminates the need for divers to juggle multiple devices by incorporating smartwatch features tailored for both land and underwater adventures.

With the capability to store and review data for up to 200 dives, divers can relive their underwater experiences and share them via the Garmin Dive app, fostering a community of exploration. The Ocean Edition goes a step further, allowing users to tailor additional data screens for each dive mode, providing a personalized and intuitive interface.

The watch extends its utility beyond the oceanic realm, focusing on mind and body wellness. Features like sleep score and advanced sleep monitoring, wrist-based heart rate, Body Battery energy monitoring, and hydration tracking provide divers with a comprehensive understanding of their overall well-being.

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