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This hot new Asics yellow gel-quantum 360 collab might just be our favorite new shoe

Get the newest in the Gel-Quantum 360 line

CPXASICS walking

Chocolate and peanut butter. Beer and pizza. Simon & Garfunkel. Nothing beats a good duo. Of course, a good duo only works when each side pulls their share of the weight. Chocolate and peanut butter work together because their flavor profiles are complementary. Beer and pizza work because they were both cheap in college, and therefore, we opted for them whenever we could. And Simon & Garfunkel’s intuitive harmonies carried tunes like no other. In the world of shoes, Michael Jordan’s teaming with Nike set the standard for what a collaboration should be. And now ASICS is pairing up with C.P. Company for a long-awaited pairing sure to get sneakerheads excited.

The two companies are both known for innovation, with ASICS sneakers being an early pioneer in many styles of shoes, including basketball, wrestling, and gymnastics. C.P. Company is known for its own innovation in developing garment dyeing, a new way of dyeing raw fabrics for a richer color. The two coming together promise an epic sneaker in their new GEL-QUANTUM 360 VIII.


C.P. Company x ASICS

ASICS is an acronym for the Latin expression “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which means “You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body,” a quote from the Roman satirist Juvenal. The shoe company has been helping people achieve a healthy body for the last eight decades, and after 80 years, you can expect something that can run as far as you can. With C.P. Company being known for developing a way to color fabrics, you can also expect something with striking colors.

While they updated the usual GEL-QUANTUM 360 with a simple gray for those of us who are not looking for bright colors and statements, they have also added a striking yellow colorway that stands out in the crowd. But, of course, there is more than just the color. Your bright yellow statement is simply the beginning.


Update to the classic

When ASICS shoes teams up with the likes of C.P. Company, you can’t expect it to be the same old, same old. Instead, the two decided to update the Gel-Quantum 360 line with the Gel-Quantum 360 VIII. Both the upper’s overall build and the shape of the full-foot GEL cushioning system (debuting in 1986 with the first ASICS GEL running shoe) are a little different from the previous renditions. The Gel-Quantum 360 usually features a thick mesh or nylon build, but the new collaboration boasts a fine-knit construction that feels lighter and much more breathable. The result is one of the best shoes in the line.

There are hundreds of shoes that hit the market every year. While some of them are great additions to your wardrobe, very few of them can boast the status of being the product of a collaboration like this.

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