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2024 running shoes preview: These 7 options from Nike, New Balance, and more are incredible

Some old favorites are getting an upgrade

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Good news for all runners and those who love staying active! Some of your favorite brands are ready to launch your newest favorite running shoes. At the most recent The Running Event, held in Austin, Texas, leading brands like Nike and New Balance showcased some of the latest designs you can expect in store in 2024. While each brand unveiled several design options for multiple cases, these seven designs were some of the most showstopping surprises of the event. 

While they aren’t all of the designs you can expect, these are certainly some of the hottest running shoes you can expect to see. From more cushion to vibrant new designs, there are plenty of reasons to get excited for the latest teases. Besides your everyday running shoes, there were plenty of hiking shoes and trail shoes that excite the active person. One of the main takeaways of the event was not only the assortment of running shoes we can expect in the next year but also the outstanding mix of style and performance that brands have managed to pull off. Although practicality and comfort will always be at the forefront regarding active gear, these newest releases will also turn heads and help liven up your activewear wardrobe. 

New Balance Fresh Foam X Balos

One of the most exciting reveals of the event came from one of the cult favorites in the running shoe game – New Balance. While many of New Balance’s older models have become the street-style shoe choice, the newly revealed Fresh Foam x Balos will amaze. Set to be released in August 2024, this new design features an exciting 3D logo design with mesh details. The Fresh Foam x Balos design is a rocker shape and provides a compelling alternative for runners looking for a more grounded experience. The newest New Balance running shoe will retail for $200.

Nike Pegasus Trail 5

When it comes to Nike, there are plenty of running options to choose from. While there are many Nike classics you’ll probably reach for time and time again, the newest Nike Pegasus Trail 5 revealed at The Running Event will have you trying to make more space in your closet. While the designs and shapes will amaze any runner, the shoe’s material and fabrication have many wondered. Made with Nike’s ReactX foam, the sustainable midsole reduces the carbon footprint by 43%. Arriving in May 2024, this sustainable option will retail at $140. Not only does this shoe offer the reliability of Nike, but it gives users the peace of mind of a more sustainable option when it comes to running shoes. There’s no need to sacrifice sustainability or functionality with the Pegasus Trail 5. 

Brooks Caldera 7

Brooks Caldera 7

Containing DNA Loft With Nitro midsoles, the Brooks Caldera 7 shoe is the perfect design for those who want to mix a stylish running shoe with something responsive. With its bulky shape and over-the-top prints and colors, there’s no reason this shoe won’t catch the eyes of everyone you go hiking with. One of the newest shoes to arrive, the Brooks Caldera 7, will hit the stores in January 2024 and retail for $150.

Hoka Tecton X 3

Arriving at stores in August, the Hoka Tecton X 3 is an exciting trail shoe that combines attractive style with all the bells and whistles available for hikers. It contains two layers of PEBA foam and parallel carbon fibers with supports on both sides. With a gaiter accent on the top and Vibram Megagrip outsoles, the Hoka Texton X 3 is a lightweight option that’ll give you precisely what you need on the trail. Like other Hoka designs, the Texton X 3 will be the must-have for those looking for a unique and peculiar style. 

Puma Fast R2 Nitro Elite 2 running shoe

Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite 2

If style is your preference, the Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite 2 is right up your alley. With a bright neon and fluorescent color pairing, the Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite 2 is the newest star for this favorite brand. Retailing for $260, Puma has added a PowerPlate designed to allow runners to give a long and more decisive step. Also added to the new running shoe is a NitroElite foam with impressive rebound numbers. As Puma continues to improve on their active offerings, there’s no doubt that the Fast-R Nitro Elite 2 will become a favorite with its bold and practical design. 

Merrell MTL Skyfire 2 Matryx

Merrell MTL Skyfire 2 Matryx

Those looking for a subtle option must continue looking, as Merrell’s MTL Skyfire 2 Matryx is anything but lowkey. With an eye-catching design, Merrell’s newest running shoe is more than just an exciting new addition to your closet. Set to be the brand’s peak performance shoe, the MTL Skyfire 2 Matryx is a step up from its predecessors. Built with Kevlar thread on its uppers, this added feature gives the user more stability and support. This new design will hit stores at $210. 

Asics Novablast 4

Asics Novablast 4

While other brands are introducing some of the newest and latest features that propel them into the top-performing brands, there’s no denying that Asics has always held a high standard in this category. Their newest Novablast 4 has already hit stores for $160 and contains some highly enticing features. With the Flytfoam Bast+ compound midsole, runners can expect a more jumpy experience. With high bounce, this latest development is all about the trampoline effect of the shoe. 

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